Apple's iPhone market share 'surged' in March quarter -- report

From "Apple's global smartphone market share surges 20% YoY leaving competitors behind" posted Monday by Burga:

Despite the global technology sector facing constraints related to semiconductor shortages and uncertain economic prospects, Apple has made the most significant gains in the smartphone market share over the past year as competitors struggle to catch up. The tech giant’s growth seems to be a direct impact of the company's focus on innovative devices targeting different markets.

Data presented by Burga indicates that Apple's estimated global smartphone market share surged 20% between 2021 Q1 and 2022 Q1, from 15% to 18%. Apple's competitor, Samsung, has recorded the second-highest growth in market share at 9.09%. Despite Apple leading in market dominance growth, the company still trails Samsung, which controls an estimated 24% of the market as of 2022 Q1.

Elsewhere, other manufacturers led by Oppo and Vivo have both recorded a drop in market share by 20%. Xiaomi's share dropped 7.14%, while other manufacturers have seen their share plunge by 3.57%.

The manufacturer's market share represents sales in shipment estimates released in April 2022. Data on smartphone market share is provided by the technology market analyst firm Canalys.

My take: Like last week's Canalys report, on which the bar chart above is based, Burga's market share numbers are not anchored by revenue estimates.  This is doubly irritating, because I suspect Canalys has revenue estimates that it shares with its paying clients.


  1. Brian Loftus said:
    My take – high end phones – 100% of Apple and some of Samsung – are relatively recession proof.

    May 2, 2022
  2. Robert Paul Leitao said:
    The same thing happened today. The shares were down bigly about 2:45pm ET. I blinked, took a work call, logged in to buy before the close and the blue light special was over. My loss.

    May 2, 2022

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