Premarket: Apple is red

From the Wall Street Journal’s "Bond Yields Near Three-Year Highs, Weighing on Stock Futures" in Monday's Wall Street Journal:

U.S. stock futures wavered and bond yields rose near their highest level in three years as investors prepared for a campaign of interest-rate increases from the Federal Reserve...

Treasury yields set a floor on interest rates across the economy and are a key input in financial models investors use to value stocks and other investments. Rising yields typically weigh on tech stocks in particular, because the ability to get higher risk-free returns from bonds tends to make investors less interested in companies that are valued for their more distant earnings potential.

In premarket trading, shares of Apple fell 1.8% and Twitter edged 0.6% lower.

Charts: Yahoo!Finance sees a bullish Williams %R pattern. Max pain has moved up to $170 with a call mountain at $180.


  1. Milenko Tanasijevic said:
    Yet another made-up report on production cuts from Nikkei this morning. What’s somewhat surprising is that the stock is still vulnerable to this kind if BS, at least in pre-market.

    March 28, 2022
  2. Bart Yee said:
    So far, after the opening low, AAPL has ranged from up 0.28 to down $1.59, currently near -0.29. Seems the market isn’t much affected by or necessarily believes this so-called “production cut”. Surely there is concern and uncertainty hovering over Apple’s markets for now while the Russian-Ukraine war drags on. My sense is any demand hiccup would soon be erased by improved demand and production increases.

    Apple is not the master of supply chain for nothing.

    March 28, 2022

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