'Hey Apple, did I do something to offend you?' (video)

"What about Jon Hamm?

On Friday, as Netflix was cratering on Wall Street, this Apple TV+ ad dropped on YouTube:

My take: Clever way to promote Apple's relatively thin catalog, especially compared with Netflix. Does this mean Apple has a Jon ("Mad Men") Hamm vehicle in the works?


  1. Bart Yee said:
    Shot a bit dark (to hide Hamm’s fairly opulent abode?) for my taste but pretty good ad and rundown of the quality actors in play on Apple TV+. While no guarantees of success, the name (and faces) are a good draw and indicative of Apple’s serious intent on great original content.

    From a Fast Company article about this ad and the immense sums Apple will spend:

    “For 2022, Wells Fargo estimates Apple will spend $8.1 billion on content, and it’s reportedly putting about $500 million into marketing Apple TV. At least Hamm got in on the latter action. Hamm brings up a good point here, though, as it has been a while since we’ve seen him in a major starring role.”

    “He certainly appears sold. And it’s hard to deny that Hamm would fit right in with Apple’s current line-up. Slap a generous mustache on his face, and you’ve got a perfect look for Ted’s brother . . . Randy Lasso.”

    January 23, 2022
  2. Jerry Doyle said:
    I find the subscription streaming services and production companies business models questionable as to their future viability to sustain long term growth. Netflix reminded me of that fact last week when its stock price took a substantial hit by not presaging sufficient continuing growth in subscribers going forward. The market for Netflix seems saturated for its continued growth. A feature of the current business model of subscribers being able to subscribe and unsubscribe on a month-to-month basis contributes to the intense competitiveness in the industry for adding new subscribers and does little for subscriber retention. Many subscribers sign on to these platforms knowing in advance that they intend to binge through the hit movies and productions and then they bail. Increasing prices for month-to-month subscribing and offering annual subscriptions at an appealing reduction in price would be a start for creating subscribers stickiness to the platforms along with continued great content. More options in delivery of content also would facilitate new subscriber growth such as offering content with advertisements at reduced prices.

    The content and platform industry is extremely competitive and at some point soon we are going to see the weaker and less heeled financially solvent ones going under, or being acquired by the bigger players. Apple is positioned well in this industry segment to compete because Apple is not attempting to be a “stand-alone” content and platform company as Netflix. At some point Netflix reaches market saturation. Apple, though, is offering Apple TV+ as an adjunct within its overall Services business giving it much more flexibility to grow its business and to sustain it going forward.

    January 23, 2022
    • David Drinkwater said:
      Raising monthly subscription rates for a service that runs on shipping electrons does little for subscriber retention.

      January 23, 2022
    • Robert Paul Leitao said:
      Jerry: There are three big challenges to the subscription streaming model:
      1. Churn (as you stated)
      2. Over saturation (as you suggested)
      3. Unauthorized sharing of login credentials (huge problem for Netflix and others)
      There are platform such as Pluto TV that provide low-cost access to ad supported content, but I dislike commercials and will pay more for uninterrupted streaming.
      Apple TV+, in my view, isn’t intended to be the “next Netflix.” At this time, I see it as a means to add a bit more “stickiness” or low-cost value added to the customer relationship with Apple. I see its value to Apple as a popular component of Apple One. Google has just decided to stop creating original content for YouTube. It’s a very expensive pursuit in an already saturated market.

      January 23, 2022
  3. Robert Paul Leitao said:
    Sorry to say because I don’t watch a lot (actually I watch very little) TV, but I had to ask, “Who is Jon Hamm?” I really still don’t know. Apparently I haven’t really watched any work he’s done prior to this commercial. Amusing ad and makes the point there’s more to Apple TV than non-subscribers might realize. Perhaps Jon Hamm does have a series coming up on Apple TV as PED suggests. That would make the ad a bit funnier and a nice lead into the announcement.

    January 23, 2022
    • David Drinkwater said:
      He’s probably best know for the role of Don Draper in Mad Men, which I admit I never watched. He hosted SNL once, which I recall being a fairly decent episode.

      If the ad is not a teaser for an Apple TV show starring Hamm, I’ll be a three-legged monkey.

      January 23, 2022

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