John Gruber: Autocorrect is drunk

A dispatch from the soft underbelly of machine learning.

Found on Daring Fireball, cut and pasted from Twitter:

John Gruber:  “Does anyone else find that autocorrect on iOS 13 (including 13.1) makes more mistakes than before? Can’t tell if it’s a real issue or just an anti-placebo effect.”

Gruber: Example just now: I tried to type “Dobbs” mid-sentence, including Shift key, and iOS 13.1 autocorrected it to “adobe”, with lowercase “a”. I don’t see how that’s even close on a QWERTY keyboard.

Christina Warren: Yes. But I started to see (and complain about it) with the last iOS 12 update. Something has changed. And it isn’t good. (The alternative is my typing skills have suddenly worsened. And that’s possible but not probable given how much I type on my phone in a given day)

Sebastian de With: it literally just changed Apple to Aplle for me. huh?

Paul Kirvan: Whats infuriating is the increase in “too clever by half” corrections where it will take a properly spelled dictionary word, used in the proper context, and switch it out with an unrelated common word (a word simple enough to be used by the orangutan in chief)

Sameer Vasta: For some reason, I can’t seem to type “a” without it being autocorrected to “à” with the accent. Every. Single. Time. Very strange.

mdearmon: I have a similar issue, if I type “the” I wind up with “thé”.

Gruber: Good thing “the” isn’t a commonly used word.

Lots more here.

My take: What the duck? 


  1. David Drinkwater said:
    I did find something similar once, then discovered that my phone had secretly traded keyboard languages (or I had inadvertently done that myself). So that is a real possibility.

    September 28, 2019
  2. Alan Blair said:
    Autocorrect has become my worst enema.

    September 28, 2019
  3. Larry Fritzlan said:
    Please! These old eyes wishes everything was black and white. It seems like the design people have gone nuts and we have 1 million shades of pale colors.

    September 29, 2019

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