Mark Gurman: Apple has a satellite in the works

In a podcast walkup to today's special event, Bloomberg's top tech reporter promotes a third Apple moonshot (after smart glasses and self-driving cars).

From Gurman on Tuesday's TicToc by Bloomberg at the 7:15 mark:

Let's talk about moonshot number three. This one hasn't got a lot of attention and hasn't been much discussed—so here's a little exclusive for you guys. So, they're working on a satellite hardware project. They have a team that they're growing internally in their hardware division working on satellites. So whether that's imaging devices or perhaps something bigger like a cellular-type of balloon initiative to mimic what Google has done. I know Elon Musk has some people working on that as well. That's something they're working on. A satellite project.

My take: Come for the satellite, stay for the full 10:53 minutes. It's a good what-to-expect-today story with a scoop on top. Link.

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