Look who’s covering Apple’s special event today for CNN

“Right now I’m flying west… Wednesday will be my first time attending an Apple product unveiling…” —Brian Stelter’s Tuesday night e-mail blast.

Stelter is best known for the media-scold he plays Sunday mornings on CNN’s Reliable Sources. But he’s a geek at heart—before CNN he covered new media for the New York Times.

Now he’s got an even better reason to fly to Cupertino. His 2013 Top of the Morning was optioned by Apple for a Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston TV series about the cut-throat world of morning TV.

See With Aniston and Witherspoon, Apple has joined the big leagues. Here’s the plot…

My humblebrag: I used to cover Apple events for CNN from time to time—before the Time Warner spin-off, back when CNN, Time and Fortune were owned by the same ungainly media conglomerate. I hit my personal best—in terms of page views—the day CNN.com picked up my live-blog of Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad.

UPDATE: Stelter filed his first impressions.

I’m a first-timer here. My first time at an Apple product launch event. So I’m seeing how the company tries to seduce us…

First impressions: Each and every detail matters. That’s how Apple sucks you in. When you’re walking up to the one year old Steve Jobs Theater, mood music is piped through speakers hidden in the grass. You sense that it’s getting louder as you reach the theater doors. You can’t help but laugh at the number of people pulling out their iPhones for photos at the entrance. Heading in now!

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