Apple iPhone X: What’s in it for me?

Assuming most of the rumors are true…

This is what I’m looking forward to:

  • A bigger screen on a phone that still fits in my pocket.  (i.e. no forehead or chin)
  • Fast charging. (Inductive charging is cool; not sure I’d pay extra)
  • Face ID, assuming it works. (It better. See Did Apple really kill Touch ID?)
  • Dual cameras. (mostly for those cool depth-of-field effects)

What I will probably care about later:

  • The A11 chip (speed is speed)
  • Augmented reality (I’m holding out for Apple Glasses)

What I don’t care about:

  • True Tone colors
  • Portrait lighting
  • New wallpapers
  • Super-fast video speeds
  • Animated emoji (I’m 68 years old, for God’s sake)

What I wish I’d known earlier:

  • That the Apple Watch I bought in August might be obsoleted in September.

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  1. John Kirk said:

    Good list, PED. An aside on Augmented Reality.

    I’m not sure about glasses. And I’m not going to bend my mind around that right now. But IF glasses are coming, I think what Apple’s now doing with AR on the phones is brilliant. It’s basically a testing ground — a way for developers to experiment and user to practice their AR chops.

    Personally, I think AR on the phone is going to come up with some pretty compelling uses. But it may just be paving the way for some superior experience on the proposed Apple Glasses. We’ll see.

    September 10, 2017
    • Fred Stein said:

      Good points, John. I agree and amplify.
      An AR iPhone becomes a “Pro” model regardless of the name, which we’ll know soon. The top Pro category is App developers who must experiment with the phone – true Pro users. Then we have “Alpha” users who want the latest and best technology. We see this in car, camera, and many other consumer categories. The “Alpha” iPhone users will experiment with AR, show it to friends, and educate the market.

      For PED, current rumors say that the A11 may bring AI in addition to speed. In my wild imagination, that means a phone that can “see”. And, i hope, a smarter Siri.

      September 11, 2017
  2. Richard Wanderman said:

    For me, the elimination of the home button (if true) and face ID are big things as they affect everyday use of the phone. I’m guessing that the power button and/or a force touch gesture will bring one home and that will probably be an improvement if it works well. Face ID sounds like an improvement to me if it works well which is the big if but I’m hopeful.

    Like PED, I don’t care about imojis, animated or not. I’m 65 although for me, age has nothing to do with it. I doubt I’d have spent much time with them as a teenager.

    September 10, 2017
  3. John Blackburn said:

    I didn’t care about TruTone when I got my iPad Pro 12.9″ 2nd gen, but boy was I wrong. It changes how the device feels in ways hard to express but easy to love, as does the faster scrolling.

    TruTone is like the heated seats in my current car, a feature I’d never had before: I understood the function and the cost, but didn’t appreciate the value. Now I do and wouldn’t be without it voluntarily again.

    September 10, 2017

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