Apple: Nine fun facts about the 20th Anniversary Macintosh

Designers of the 10th anniversary iPhone, beware.

Was there ever a more self-important Apple product than the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, a feature-packed, state-of-the-art, limited-edition (12,000 units) PC released in 1997 to celebrate, a year late, the company’s 20th birthday?

The iPhone will be 10 years old in 2017. Anticipating an anniversary edition, I give you nine fun facts about its ill-fated predecessor:

  • Begun (as Project Pomona) under John Sculley
  • Designed by Jony Ive
  • Announced in January 1997
  • Released in March 1997
  • Gifted to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, among others
  • Reviled by Steve Jobs
  • Discontinued by Steve Jobs in 1998
  • Final sale price: $1,995, down from $9,000
  • Available today on eBay for $4,249.99, plus shipping


  1. Gianfranco Pedron said:
    That disjointed abomination has all the earmarks of design by committee. I would be very surprised if Jony Ive agreed to associate his name with that design without some form of coercion or a really big carrot.

    It would be interesting to hear Mr. Ive’s side of the story.

    June 1, 2016

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