Steve Jobs proclaimed the post-PC era 6 years ago today (video)

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the post-PC era. But on June 1, 2010, he put it on the calendar.

This is the AllThingsD riff in which Steve Jobs, 17 months before his death, crafted his famous analogy, comparing the trucks of the agrarian era to PCs, and cars to whatever comes next.

“Will it be the iPad?” he asks rhetorically. “Who knows? Will it happen next year or five years from now or seven years from now? Who knows?”

On the sixth anniversary, we know. It was the smartphone, not the tablet. And five-to-seven years was a pretty shrewd guess.

The video: 2 plus minutes on YouTube.


  1. Richard Wanderman said:
    Brilliant and a nice edit down to the essentials.

    As both a Mac user and a truck driver (small pickup) I can’t imagine living my life without a Mac or a truck. I also have an iPhone and iPad but the Mac remains my central tool. But, as Jobs says, for many (more now) the smartphone is their central tool.

    That said, while some have learned how to use an iPad and even an iPhone as a content creation tool, I’m not one of them. Part of it is that I’ve been using computers for a long time and Macs since 1984, part of it is being a touch typist and not liking bluetooth keyboard connected to iPads, and part of it is that I’ve worked out over many years, a suite of tools and processes for doing the work I need to do, on a Mac.

    But, I’m on my way into New York today and I won’t be carrying my Mac with me, I’ll be carrying my iPhone and iPad and they’ll be just the right tools for the train ride in.

    June 3, 2016

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