Apple: The iPhone 14 rattling camera fix is (nearly) in

From Mark Gurman's "Apple Plans Fix for Shaking iPhone 14 Pro Camera by Next Week" posted Monday on the Bloomberg:

Apple is working on a software update for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max aimed at fixing a bug that makes the rear camera on the device physically shake when used with some third-party apps.

The update will be released next week, according to the company, signaling it has already identified a solution. The software fix would mark at least the second so far for the iPhone 14. On launch day, users were asked to update to iOS 16.0.1 to address a problem related to activating FaceTime.

The latest iPhones went on sale last Friday, and some users took to social media to complain about the camera bug. The issue, which also can cause rattling noises, is the result of the optical image stabilization hardware malfunctioning in some cases with third-party apps. The stabilization technology is designed to shift the camera system to compensate for the iPhone moving, helping prevent a blurry picture.

My take: Does Apple PR reach out to Gurman to give him the scoop, or does he have to ask?

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  1. Bart Yee said:
    Whether it’s Gurman or other media outlets, I am impressed that Apple is rapidly hearing about, diagnosing and responding to these software operational issues so quickly. Even with multiple Betas for testing on older iPhones, not every bug can be found, and of course the iPhone 14’s are just hitting users hands.

    Besides the camera OIS bug, there’s been FaceTime, some activation issues, restore from iCloud backup, and a few others. With social media, discussion sites, comment sections, and Apple support communities, these issues can quickly surface, corroborated and sent up the chain to Apple Support (also via Apple Support Twitter).

    I hope Cook and Apple continue to place high priority on fixing bugs and threats so that Apple users’ experience is kept at a high level. The demonstration to other smartphone and device users that Apple responds so quickly can be a great marketing and demonstration tool for iOS, plus be an incentive for switchers and new users vs Android and it’s pretty awful slow response, especially when makers and carriers have to develop or vet fixes.

    Add on the fact that Apple can push updates directly to users and iPhones and gets rapid and highly accepted adoption highlights the IMO, superior management of iOS by Apple, again in contrast to the fragmentation of Android OS’es. As of mid August 2022, fully 10 months after its October 2021 release, Android 12 is now on…about 14% of Android devices, roughly 1/8. Android 11 has 27%, and Android 10 18%. Together these last 3 releases have 59% of Android users, the other 41% being left on releases at Android 9 (2018) or before. While perhaps impressive that there are so many Android devices with very old OS’es (maybe a lot of old tablets, dedicated devices which cannot be updated), it’s clear that older smartphones had only 2 updates available by Android / maker policy and not all users update quickly, if at all.

    Meanwhile, Apple iOS 15 had 89.6% adoption on the cusp of iOS 16’s release. iOS 14 had 6.6%, and older iOS had 3.8%.

    September 20, 2022

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