Eve Jobs, fashion model

From Britt Henneuth's "Eve Jobs: A Daughter of the Late Apple Legend Makes Her Own Path" posted Monday in Vanity Fair:

In his best-selling biography Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson writes that the visionary’s youngest daughter, Eve, is the apple that fell closest to the tree—a “strong-willed, funny firecracker” who used to call her father’s assistant to make sure she was on his calendar.

“I have zero recollection of that,” Jobs tells me over lunch. “I’m so sorry to let you down there. I have a recollection of going to work with him and drawing on this one whiteboard in his office that I believe stands there to this day, with all my little doodles on it. I would just subconsciously soak in all the beauty and gorgeous design around me.”

I note that there’s an iPhone resting on the table between us and recording our interview. “It’s a beautiful reminder for me every day,” she says, looking down at it fondly. “All day, every day. It really is. It makes me feel warm.”

Even if Jobs can’t remember negotiating with her dad’s assistant, I can attest that Isaacson got the strong-willed, funny firecracker part right. We’d first crossed paths at a cocktail party at Los Angeles’s Academy Museum, during which she was quick-witted and wickedly observant, and grilled our tablemates with questions.

“I’m a little weird,” Jobs says now. “Some people get a little taken aback by me: I don’t know where to place her. But humor makes you feel like you are living.” I tell her it’s clear that she doesn’t suffer fools. “Sometimes one will slip through the cracks,” she tells me. “But it’s a rarity.”

The 24-year-old world-class equestrian and Stanford graduate traded Silicon Valley for New York City in the fall of 2021 after making her runway debut for Coperni in Paris. Jobs has since signed a deal to be a face of Louis Vuitton and will star in a digital campaign later this year. For our meeting, her agent has chosen a restaurant in Chelsea near the High Line, and Jobs arrives early in a crisp white smock and flowing trousers. The only sign that she’s actually a 20-something are the Nike Jordan 1s on her feet. “I live in a very basketball-heavy household.”

My take: Steve Jobs' second daughter is too smart for this kind of work.

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  1. S Lawton said:
    Sorry, Phil but models can use their smarts to build empires. Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Martha Stewart among others.

    August 16, 2022
  2. Bart Yee said:
    She’s already done a lot, developed discipline and skills, exploring her world such as it is. Being the child of a very famous person brings a lot of positive and negative baggage so forging your own path at such a young age isn’t easy. Plus there’s always people who claim her name, wealth, privilege, and whatever else is helping her. Well, being a model is a very tough gig, and considering how high profile repping for Louis Vuitton can be, I’m sure she’s very serious about this. Plus she has her whole life ahead of her for many other worthy pursuits.

    Getting a likely 6 figure+ salary isn’t chopped liver either. I’m assuming her AAPL assets are also in trust working for her just fine too.

    August 16, 2022

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