5 days in the South China Sea

My friend Eve posted this last week on Facebook:

Happy iWatch story! On July 20th I lost my watch swimming in the sea. I loved that thing, it tracked my swims! David tried to find it but no luck. After days of searching with friends we gave up and this morning we didn’t even try.

It was 5 days lost and we really thought it was gone for good. Then by chance, David walked by a teenager saying he found something orange in the sea and he was going to report it lost. Believe it or not… it was my watch!!! And what’s more amazing is that it is still working!!!

My take: This isn't the first item I've posted about an Apple Watch that took a licking and kept on ticking. Over the years, I've given you stories about Apple products dropped from planes, lost in rivers, found in manholes, retrieved from vault toilets, washed up on beaches and I can't remember what else. But this is the first lost-and-found story from someone I know and love. Haven't seen much of Eve since she moved from New York to Hong Kong. Nice to hear from her, especially with a happy-ending story. From her friends' comments:

  • That’s crazy karma!!!
  • Amazing! And good marketing for the watch! What brand is it?
  • Did you get any interesting metrics from its 5 days at sea?


  1. Martin Beutling said:
    Ha, I have a much more better Story to tell:
    a few years ago, me and my family wanted to travel to Greece.
    The day before our departure, I went to the airport to check-in our luggage.

    Don’t ask me, how this has happened, but after a little toilet-break, my iPhone landed in the toilet….with our tickets on it…with the reservation for our rental….with the check-in details for the hotel …and some other stuff.

    So, being it Saturday evening, 6:30 pm, I drove to the local Apple-Store, which I am luckily enough to have one in my hometown…

    Here I would like to add, that the iPhone was full functional…except the screen was dead, but using it over the car-BT was not a problem.

    Me and my daughter arrived there around 7 pm (with 8 pm closing time) and I made my case to the staff in attendance, that I HAVE to get an appointment at the genius-bar asap because of an emergency….

    Long things short, I explained the situation and they handed me a brand-new iPhone.
    I asked the Genius, why I got the phone for free, because I have read a lot about a trade-in-fee in this circumstances…the answer surprised me: “we hear a lot of BS during the day, why one of our products does not function anymore….you were so open (and surely desperate) and we wanted to reward this…and btw, we had our fun with you, telling this story”…ok, to have my 6 years old blond an supersweet daughter by my side might have helped…

    Having fallen in love a lot of years ago with this company, this culture…and this stock, THIS event hardened my positively view of all things Apple…

    To be honest, my story ist not so dramatic as a lost-Apple-item-in-the-sea-story or a an-Apple-item-saved-my-life-story…but somehow, this morning, I felt the urge to share this story with you.

    August 3, 2022
  2. Ross Richardson said:
    Still waiting for my one-week-old iPhone XR that went overboard in the Chesapeake Bay several years ago to miraculously resurface. It’s in about 30 feet of water somewhere off Windmill Point. Sigh.

    August 3, 2022

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