Apple bends

From Emma Roth's "Apple Pay may finally work on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox in iOS 16" posted Saturday on The Verge:

Apple’s change of heart on iOS might be related to the European Union’s plans to crack down on big tech’s anticompetitive practices. The Digital Markets Act is set to go into effect in spring 2023, and imposes a set of rules on large companies, like Apple, Meta, and Google, to promote competition with smaller entities. A draft of the new legislation obtained by The Register specifically goes after companies that force app developers to use their own rendering engine. While this change could be an indication that Apple’s at least attempting to bend to the upcoming rules, the company isn’t likely to go down without a fight — it incurred millions in fees before complying with the Netherlands’ rules on in-app payment systems in Dutch dating apps.

My take: Bending when they have to is how palm trees survive the fiercest headwinds.


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    August 2, 2022

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