Tech lobbying surges while Apple cuts back

"Apple spent $1.9 million, a decrease from its record $2.5 million outlay during the first three months of the year."

From "Amazon Breaks Lobbying Record Amid Antitrust Fight" posted Thursday on the Bloomberg: Inc. spent a record $4.98 million on lobbying during the second quarter of this year as momentum intensified in Congress to pass legislation intended to crack down on technology giants. Amazon’s lobbying expenditures increased 2.5% over the second quarter of 2021, according to disclosure reports filed on Wednesday...

Two top tech trade groups, Netchoice and Technet, both spent more more on lobbying in the second quarter than a year ago. Netchoice, a right-leaning trade association that counts Amazon, Google and Meta among its members, spent $120,000, up about 200% from $40,000 in last year’s second quarter. Technet spent $300,000 in the three months ending in June, up 42.9% from the same period last year.

Apple spent $1.9 million, a decrease from its record $2.5 million outlay during the first three months of the year.

Google spent $2.77 million, marking a 32% increase from a year earlier and a 6.4% decrease from $2.96 million in the first three months of the year.

Microsoft Corp., which has differentiated itself from its peers by not opposing the antitrust legislation, spent $2.41 million on lobbying in the second quarter, a 2.4% decrease since last year.

My take: That Amazon spent 2.5 times more than Apple lobbying Congress last quarter suggests Amazon has more to fear.

Bloomberg adds a useful bar chart:


  1. Fred Stein said:
    The spending was comparable to the oil industry where some surged and some cut back.

    July 21, 2022
  2. Jerry Doyle said:
    I am sure that it is safe to say a direct correlation exists between the amount of lobbying funds spent and the company’s fear factor associated with the totals.

    July 21, 2022
  3. Daniel Epstein said:
    Well it seems likes all these companies are spending peanuts compared to what the legislative issues they are facing might cost. They may actually think the effort is not beneficial. For companies with the revenues the like of Apple, Amazon and Google in the US this seems like the cost of having a phone number at most.

    July 21, 2022
  4. 38 years of gov & business training based within an hour of downtown DC overexposed me to K Street & Pennsylvania Ave lobbying firms. Back in ‘85 they spent like it was already 1999. My lobbyist & lawyer training clients were often connected at more than just the hips. It is not about the $ amount spent but rather the performance, the returns.
    The best lobbyists literally wrote the draft legislation, found willing sponsors in Congress and greased the wheels until laws were passed or regulations changed. Money, meals & prime tickets to concerts & sports flowed freely in the early years but later became closely tracked, even who paid for lunches. BTW Apple OSX and later iPhone encryption was treasured and Google Android generally loathed among this secretive and wealthy crowd. The first Apple store opened in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, just outside the Beltway. Once lived at 18th & Columbia, in an efficiency overlooking the zoo. The lions & elephants often woke my wife & I!

    July 21, 2022

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