Warren Buffet's March quarter Apple buying spree (with 13F details)

From Dan Burrows' "15 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Buying (And 7 He's Selling)" posted Monday on Kiplinger:

Warren Buffett went wild with Berkshire Hathaway's checkbook during the first quarter, scooping up equities at his fastest pace since the Great Financial Crisis.

True, it took an epically bad start to the year for stocks and the worst inflation in four decades to lure Berkshire's chairman and chief executive back into the market.

But he's back, and in a big way.

The Berkshire Hathaway equity portfolio scooped up $41.5 billion in net stock purchases in the first quarter. That's the most cash Buffett has splurged on equities in a quarter since 2008...

Among the more notable moves, Buffett deployed serious financial resources into the energy sector in Q1, taking advantage of both rising oil prices and crude's properties as an inflation hedge. Elsewhere, Apple's (AAPL) Q1 stock skid prompted Buffett to add about $600 million to Berkshire's top holding....

    • Action: Added to stake
    • Shares held: 890,923,410 (+0.4% from Q4 2021)
    • Value of stake: $155,564,138,000

My take: I imagine that $600 million is to Buffett what a $20 bill is to me.

Berkshire Hathaway's full Q1 2022 13F is available here. The Apple purchases below (click to enlarge)...

apple warren buffett 13f

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  1. Adam Foster said:
    I bought 600 shares while aapl was down – now I feel better!

    May 17, 2022
  2. Michael Goldfeder said:
    It’s reported that Warren closed out his long time stake in Wells Fargo. Perhaps he has redeployed those funds into Apple at these very low prices the past several weeks. Have to review his next 13 F in a couple of months to ascertain what he purchased.

    May 17, 2022
  3. Fred Stein said:
    I’ll bet he’s buying more Apple these days. Smart investors will figure this out and join him. That will counter the current down trend.

    May 17, 2022
  4. Daniel Epstein said:
    Philip, Warren Buffet is known to be quite frugal for a man with his wealth so I bet 600 million is still something he thinks seriously about before spending. Probably thinks it is like you or I buying a new IPad and debates whether he should buy the Pencil as well.

    May 17, 2022
    • Duane Bemister said:
      You should buy a new iPad but be aware that the new mini does not have the standard 4×3 aspect ratio.

      May 17, 2022

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