Inviting friends-of-the-blog to Apple’s Q2 2022 Earnings Smackdown

Got a detailed Apple model? Ready to compete with the pros? First prize is a one-year subscription to Apple 3.0 (a $200 value).

To spread the fun — and replenish my supply of independent analysts — I’m once again opening up my quarterly revenue contest to all subscribers. The form below is the request I will send overnight Monday to the professional analysts:

Fiscal Q2 2022:
Total revenue
Revenue by segment:
Gross margin on total revenue:

Send your best guesses to First prize goes to the analyst (pro or independent) whose estimates for Apple’s top and bottom lines are nearest to the mark. Results come out April 28, winners posted the next day.

Want to play but not a subscriber? You're in luck! You can take advantage of the Apple 3.0 Spring Special and join for only $3. Click here to find out more.


  1. Dan Scropos said:
    Loose numbers bring me to $1.61 eps. No formal entry, though.

    April 17, 2022
    • Michael Goldfeder said:
      @Dan: Just curious as to why you don’t formally enter as you always come up with some very impressive numbers? It’s actually lots of fun.

      April 17, 2022
      • Dan Scropos said:
        I like to keep it simple. Loose numbers. Sometimes wildly accurate and sometimes wildly off. Kind of like an analyst! Ha.

        April 18, 2022

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