App Store wars: ‘Apple will not cease and desist, ever’

“Some App developers may think Korea will lead to lower or no app store commissions everywhere, but that goal will prove elusive.” — Friend-of-the-blog Thomas H. Williams

Lifted from a comment posted Wednesday on “After the courts break Apple’s grip on the App Store… what’s next?

I don’t see major changes across many nations in App Store payments coming this year. Korea will be more of proving ground for a 3rd party payment link, perhaps.

Some App developers may think Korea will lead to lower or no app store commissions everywhere, but that goal will prove elusive. There will be costs to create an alternative, profit to the developer/banker responsible for the alt payment path and likely delays in app owners getting their cut from a new system.

None of those involved can match the expertise, efficiency & finances Cupertino brings to the table. Furthermore, ongoing legal costs will drain the coffers of challengers like Epic Games’ Mr. Sweeney.

Apple will not cease and desist, ever.

Wal-Mart, EMART, Lotte Mart, Sainsbury’s and Amazon won’t sit back and let their payments and commissions get decimated by third parties either. Store owners, virtual or physical, reach for big guns when somebody sticks a hand in their cash register.

My take: Well-crafted comments always welcome at Apple 3.0.


  1. Mr. Sweeney really sticks his foot down his own throat with this 2-day old tweet: “ Payment processors charge fees for payments they process. It’s outrageous for a platform monopoly to charge fees for transactions they have nothing to do with.”
    1. Apple is a payment processor therefore Mr. Sweeney acknowledged Apple’s right to charge fees.
    2. Transactions they have nothing to with? The hardware, the code, the loyal customers, the safety they bring to an otherwise Wild West Internet.
    3. Monopoly? Mr. Sweeney needs to get out the Parker Bros. board game, the recent court decision, and his Funk & Wagnalls (I’m certain that’s the most current Standard Dictionary of the English Language he holds.

    January 13, 2022
    • David Emery said:
      Sweeney should run for Congress. He clearly has the ethical and intellectual qualifications.

      (Let’s see Sweeney drop all the charges from his own blankety-blank store…)

      January 13, 2022
      • Gary Gouriluk said:
        For President! He clearly understands the “Make up your own reality” politics that is taking over America! P.T.Barnum meets Machiavelli.

        January 13, 2022
      • Michael Goldfeder said:
        @David: It came out in trial that Sweeney is a “blue bubble” consumer. That’s a novel type of hypocrisy. Much like a politician going to a climate change conference in a huge gas guzzling SUV, but being asked to be let out and walk the last two blocks to the event.

        January 13, 2022
  2. John Konopka said:
    I don’t see how this works for developers. To entice customers to use their own payment method they could offer a discount of 15% to 30%, and be back where they started.

    I agree with the idea that they should raise prices. $0.99 seems too cheap for a starting price. At least $1.99.

    January 13, 2022

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