What does Foxconn’s Ohio deal have to do with Apple? Dueling headlines.

Everybody’s got an opinion. Nobody knows.

From Ben Lovejoy’s “Foxconn buys EV factory in Ohio; unlikely to be used for Apple Cars” posted Friday on 9to5Mac:

iPhone assembler Foxconn has bought an EV factory in Ohio in a $230M deal. The purchase was made from electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors.

While a key Apple supplier buying an EV plant in the US will inevitably create speculation about potential Apple Car production, this appears unlikely.

From Debby Wu’s “Foxconn’s Lordstown Deal Sets the Stage for Apple Car Audition” posted Friday on Bloomberg:

Foxconn Technology Group’s planned purchase of embattled startup Lordstown Motors Corp.’s auto plant in Ohio may make it a stronger contender to assemble cars for Apple Inc., but success with the endeavor is far from guaranteed.

The Taiwanese company is the largest maker of iPhones, giving it a potential edge as Apple explores the automotive sector. Foxconn agreed to spend $280 million on the Lordstown deal, one of the top vehicle-related investments it has made over the past two years.

My take: The two headlines don’t actually contradict each other. An “audition” for a future Apple car assembly contract would cover both possibilities.

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  1. It helps to have some other pieces of this puzzle.
    “Fisker is calling the joint program Project PEAR, which stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. Fisker chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker has bragged that the PEAR vehicle will be the “next big thing in car design,” a car that’s both “emotionally desirable” and “eco-friendly,” meaning a car that doesn’t shout “Look at me, I’m electric!” and rather appeals to the driver moving over from gasoline vehicles, according to a spokesperson from Fisker.” TechCrunch 5/13/21
    Not to disappoint but the car built in Ohio might be a Chinese firm’s design. In addition to Fisker, Foxconn has signed deals with Chinese EV makers to ‘establish an EV factory in a major market,’ These deals do come and go according to the whims of China’s rapidly interfering leadership class. Or is it U.S. or EU leaders interfering with tech today? Talk about strangling that goose laying valuable eggs. Can’t keep up.

    October 1, 2021

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