John McAfee, defended Apple, offered to crack San Bernardino iPhone (video)


  1. Jerry Doyle said:
    “…. My take: Seems he’d rather be dead than extradited to face charges of tax evasion.”

    John McAfee had a multiplicity of problems. It’s an accumulation of personal problems that leads individuals to consider such a heart-stopping outcome. Didn’t know the man, but I regret deeply his sad ending.

    On another note: The only volunteer (as of this writing) to commit to the Washington trip to discuss legislative affairs on the proposed big tech anti-trust bills is Lalit Jagtap. If we get a dozen commitments, then I am ready to invest my time, energy & money to effect a constructive outcome for Apple through meeting with my home state Congressional legislators & with other identified US Representatives who have not taken a definitive position on the proposed legislation.

    This effort at anti-trust busting of Apple lacks public support. This anti-trust movement by the current administration in no way is similar to the Teddy Roosevelt era where the effort then was received “wildly” among the populous & made the good president exceedingly popular. Additionally, Standard Oil & the big railroads all were engaged in price-cutting practices, collusive business deals, public misinformation & more shenanigans. None of the above applies to Apple today, especially in Apple’s attempt to be more public transparent & protective of its users’ privacy & security of their personal information. No, this anti-trust busting endeavor “lacks” public support. This fact needs to be communicated to Congressional Representatives. There is no public outcry targeting Apple.

    We should narrow our “talking points” down to 3 issues for simplification of presentation, time & memory retention without having a pile of notes with us when we go to our respective Members of Congress. We could have those issues fleshed out by Sunday afternoon, and then gather Monday morning for our walk up to the Hill. Monday afternoon we could meet back at the hotel to get a group summation of how we believe we all did. Then catch our respective flights back home Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

    I am willing to work on this, but we need “bodies” to come to the nation’s capital. Twelve would make the effort presentable, 24 would give us presence and more in numbers we start to make waves. So, without sounding presumptuous, those of you who would be willing to participate please send your names to PED. Robert Paul Leitao and PED, you two would be an “inherent asset” to this effort & I do hope you participate.

    June 23, 2021
  2. Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
    Did not know this. Found this BBC article using Ecosia Search :
    “ The final years of John McAfee’s controversial life”
    By James Clayton

    McAfee brand is strong apparently. Despite him, the company hasn’t rebranded.

    June 24, 2021

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