Kara Swisher did Tim Apple on April Fool's Day

From "Swisher interviews Cook" posted Friday on CNN's Reliable Sources:

Coming Monday morning: Kara Swisher interviews Tim Cook for her podcast "Sway." I'm told Swisher and Cook discuss a number of topics, including the right-wing social app Parler and the company's feud with Facebook.

Swisher asked: "What is your response to Facebook's response — which is quite vehement — calling you essentially an existential crisis to their business?" Cook answered: "All we're doing, Kara, is giving the user the choice whether to be tracked or not. And I think it's hard to argue against that. I've been — I've been shocked that there's been a pushback on this to this degree."

When Swisher asked Cook what impact this might have on Facebook's business, Cook replied, "Yeah, Kara, I'm not focused on Facebook. So I don't know." Ouch. The full episode will be posted here at 5am ET Monday...

My take: Oh boy. When it comes to baiting Silicon Valley executives with barbed questions, nobody beats Swisher. Setting my alarm clock.

UPDATE: It's up now. Click here.

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