Feds mistake Chinese knockoffs for Apple AirPods. Hilarity ensues

From The Verge's "Feds proudly announce seizure of ‘counterfeit Apple AirPods’ that are actually OnePlus Buds" posted Sunday:

The units originated from Hong Kong and were seized at JFK on August 31st; they were headed to Nevada, according to the press release. If they were all OnePlus Buds, CBP’s math is way off: at $79 each, 2,000 of them would be worth $158,000.

My take: That's one way to try to protect Apple's IP.

Not well versed in the world of Androids and Android peripherals, I tried to get up to speed on the OnePlus story. No so easy. OnePlus Technology, a Chinese manufacturer of modestly priced smartphones, was co-founded by a former vice president of Oppo Electronics, another Chinese manufacturer of modestly priced smartphones and OnePlus' only institutional investor. When Oppo's investment in OnePlus was discovered, OnePlus denied that it was a wholly owned subsidiary, explaining it was looking for other investors. Sounds like business as usual in Shenzhen.


  1. David Emery said:
    Well, this does beg a question about how close a product can come to “forgery”, and is that a consideration that is different from the legal definition of copyright or design patent violations?

    September 14, 2020

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