Virtually live from WWDC20

Notes from the keynote. All times Eastern.

Another jam-packed keynote, with significant updates of all five operating systems and the start of a transition away from Intel processors to Apple silicon across the product line. No big surprises, but lots of little surprises in the details. It's going to take some time to absorb it all.

apple wwdc20 live blogMeanwhile, Wall Street seems to have liked what it heard. For the first time since 2018, the stock rose during the keynote to hit a new all-time intraday high.

2:48 And that's a wrap. If you have been playing the female presenter drinking game, you're probably too drunk to read this.

2:45 Back to Tim. Timeline for transition. First mac by the end of this year. Transition will take 2 years. Meanwhile, still going to ship new Intel Macs. OS releases beta today, coming this fall. Looking forward to the rest of the week. When we all work together, we can make the world better.

2:44 Quickstart program, with a specially loaded Mac mini with A series chip, shipping units this week.

2:43 Back to Federighi to summarize Apple Silicon.

2:40 Andreas Wendker (m) Does demo. Running new Macs (which Macs are those?) Runs iOS apps without changes.

2:33 Back to Craig. All Apple Apps are up and running as native, using Xcode. This is for developers. Microsoft and Adobe working to port. Demos Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Lightroom, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro. New version of Rosetta to run apps that aren't native and for Java code. Virtualization.

2:28 Johny Srouji (m) How we got here. 10 generations of A series. 100X performance improvement since first A-series chip. 1000x Graphics improvement. Best in class at enormous scale. True that. 2 billion system on chip delivered. Performance vs. Energy consumption graph. Machine learning (AI) and Neural network (AI)

2:26 Back to Tim. Historic Day. (Can your say ARM?) The history of Mac. Power PC, OS 10, move to Intel. Transitioning to our own custom silicon. Apple Silicon

2:25 Summarizing Safari, and Mac Big Sur.

2:22 Beth Dakin (f) Demo. List of known trackers. Hover over tabs. Pictures on tabs. Dynamic translation looks cool.

2:19 Safari. Biggest update since introduced, claims Federighi. 50% faster than Chrome, he says. Privacy report on tool bar for each page you visit. Extensions can be ported from other browsers.

2:18 Mac Catalyst, for moving iOS apps to Mac. This is for the developers.

2:17 Maps. Favorites. Guides. Gate locations. Look around. Track friends.

2:15 Messages. Easier to search, add photos, etc.

2:12 Demo by Federighi. Finder, Toolbar, Menu bar, etc. changes. Control center for the Mac, from iOS. Notifications, widgets, and more ways to spend hours customizing stuff.

2:10 Alan Dye (m) Video. Lots of subtle changes in the look and sound. Familiar yet new is the needle they are trying to thread.

2:08 MacOS. Big Sur. I don't care about the names as Federighi seems to.

2:05 Apple TV+ on 1 billion screens. Sneak Peek of Asimov Foundation.

2:03 Cindy (f) Apple TV. Multiuser support. Picture in picture (on my Samsung too?)

1:59 Home. Yahn Cason (m) New interoperability standard (not in my house, alas). Adaptive lighting. Face recognition.

1:57 Katie Skinner (f) and Erik N. (m) Tracking control. App privacy. Like nutrition labels. Know before you download.

1:56 Privacy. Did Federighi just lower his voice to sound more serious? Hammering home Apple competitive advantage. 200 million sign in accounts.

1:55 Transition video

1:54 Wrapping up Apple Watch

1:54 Hand washing (machine learning!) 20-second countdown. Stories will be written about this.

1:51 Sleep tracking. Vera Carr (f) Mostly about creating a sleep routine. Machine learning model (AI mention).

1:40  Jewels (sp) (f) Dancing. Getting credit for your dance moves. A lot of fancy engineering under this.

1:48 New bicycle stuff.

1:45 Watch OS 7. Kevin Lynch (m) in the health center. 20,000 Watch apps. Something new about complications. A lot of fussy watch faces. Face sharing to discover curated faces. Will you be sharing Watch faces over social media?

1:43 Mary-Anne (f) AirPods. Immersive surround sound audio (in Pros only). A lot of cool engineering under the hood here.

1:39 Jenny Chen (f) does pencil demo. Sheets, handwriting recognition. (I don't use my iPad anymore, so this is going past me.)

1:38 Wrapping up iPadOS 14, turning to Apple Pencil. Scribble to convert to text.

1:37 Search on iPad redesigned. Like Sherlock on Mac, sort of.

1:36 Siri. Incoming call problem fixed. Bringing to iOS as well.

1:33 Josh Shaffer (sp?) New sidebar. Like Photos on the Mac. Dropdown menus. Calendar and Music also updated.

1:32 iPadOS 14. Made-for-iPad designs. Over 1 million apps designed just for iPad.

1:31 And that's iOS 14. Federighi wraps up this section.

1:27 App Store. App clip downloads app as you need it. Uses Apple Pay for payments. Can put off downloading the whole app. Could be frustrating if they aren't widely available. Counting on developers to build them.

1:25 Emily Shubert (female) I don't have a new BMW, so no digital key for me. Looks well-designed. Teens will be pissed. Working on standard:

1:24 Car Play. New wallpaper (blah) Car keys!

1:21 Meg Frost (female!) Moving wheelchair. Environmentally correct traveling. Cycling directions (finally!) Has MapMyRide been Sherlocked? Not with this short list of cities. For auto travel, only two car manufacturers on board yet

1:20 Maps. More countries. Much improved.

1:17 Messages. Stacey Lysic (SP?) Female speaker! 1 trillion memoji combos. Mentions for group conversations. Competition for Zoom?

1:14 Yael Garten (female speaker drinking game!) on new Siri's features, like real time off-line translation. (Do you have to keep dictionaries in memory?)

1:11 Siri. Redesigned interface. Did they also give it a brain transplant?

1:10 Picture in picture video. Keep watching movie while multitasking.

1:09 Widgets. New design, more data, different sizes. Do you use them? I haven't yet.

1:08 App Library to fix the problem of too many apps. "Intelligently curated categories." (AI reference drinking game starts!)

1:05 All five platforms are getting updates. Federighi (Hair Force One) takes over in the demo room. A brief history of iOS updates follows. A quick peak of the new stuff, too fast to follow for a slow typist like me.

1:04 A lot of product placement in these nice black and white photos. Shot on iPhone?

1:01 Have Steve Jobs Theater, might as well use it, even if it's empty except for Tim Cook, addressing the big issues—racism, social injustice, and (I expect) the pandemic. Will he say anything about the 2020 election? I doubt it.

1:00 You watching these graphics?

12:57: Back from swimming in the Green River, ready to blog.


  1. Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
    ARMy of One.
    ARMed and dangerous.
    SOC it to me, baybee.

    Maybe someone can say something witty about Rosetta2.


    June 22, 2020
    • Alessandro Luethi said:
      Rosetta, this is our sweet vendetta!

      June 22, 2020
  2. Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
    ARM Mac Mini Developer Kit, right?? The rumor mill never said THAT was being announced or did I miss an article?
    WOW O WOW!!

    June 22, 2020
  3. David Drinkwater said:
    Got interrupted during the show by a builder for some house maintenance, so I have to go back and rewatch the last 45 minutes.

    Apple did a picture book / post card presentation on diversity, and OMG, Apple Silicon (which I do have to go back and review), nearly made me wet my shorts.

    Apple can innovate for damn sure!

    June 22, 2020
    • Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
      Many of us changed our pants after the rumor of ARM became truth!!!

      Gamechanging recharged to the Mac. Hooray!!

      June 22, 2020
  4. Ralph McDarmont said:
    Thank you PED. As always your writing is excellent and you are always on top of the Apple world. You have been a valuable guide over many years.

    June 22, 2020
  5. Paul Brindze said:
    One of the greatest parts for me was the way it was clear how much thought has gone into every detail of the transition to Apple Silicon. It showed Wall Street that not only is Apple a major innovator, but one that is capable of smoothing out the bumps inherent in that innovation.

    Also, the IOS upgrades are AMAZING! Clearly the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, as well as the Mac, will maintain their top position.

    And all of that without a mention of what they might be working on for 5G … though obviously that will bring much more.


    June 22, 2020
  6. Steven Philips said:
    It wasn’t THAT the rumors were true, it’s HOW it’s being implemented!
    Granting that the proof is in the pudding, it sounds like 100 proof!
    As said: Wow! Just WOW!

    Katy’s bull case here we come!

    June 22, 2020
  7. David Emery said:
    I’d MUCH RATHER have a version of Mac OS and its apps that fixes all the bugs I’ve been experiencing, than one with new look-and-feel.

    June 22, 2020
  8. John Konopka said:
    This was a very rich keynote. Having attended the shareholder meetings the past few years it was interesting to see how they used the Steve Jobs Theater.

    Apple Silicon is amazing. The non-tech press have no clue about how much work went into building this. People are impressed by the cathedrals and palaces of Europe. This outshines them. It is hard to wrap your head around the number of decisions and innovations that went into implementing this. Not just the silicon but developing macOS, and rewriting all of the apps including iWork and the pro apps and they got Microsoft and Adobe on board and they developed Rosetta 2. I’m looking forward to updating my iMac in a year or two.

    Interesting that they didn’t mention anything about specification. Nothing about the number of cores, clock speeds or performance. Apple usually doesn’t talk about this much but they gave us nothing.

    For once the market liked the keynote. AAPL closed up $9.15 today. Awesome. P/E is now over 28. Up a little more after hours.

    June 22, 2020
  9. David Crellen said:
    AAPL’s share price may not be driven as much by today’s announcements as MSFT tracked the same price trajectory. Actually appreciated more: MSFT = +2.78%; AAPL = +2.62%.

    How can this be explained?

    June 22, 2020
  10. Kathy Corby said:
    Almost lost on me the first time around– did everyone realized that MacOS just transitioned from MacOSX, the first version of which was introduced as “Cheetah” on March 24, 2001, to MacOS11? The implication is that something really BIG , or several somethings, have changed. Not clear from the keynote– the changes they announced seemed mostly “nice” but iterative. Did I miss something? Are more exciting surprises in store? What do you think?

    June 22, 2020
  11. Steven Philips said:
    @ Kathy
    I DID miss it! Totally.
    But so did all the rumor mongers. No HINT of any of this MacOS Stuff!
    Apple can still keep secrets! 🙂

    I think I just might watch it again!

    June 22, 2020
  12. David Drinkwater said:
    The iOS and iPad OS and Pencil and Watch OS stuff was nice, but I’m now super-keen for a replay to get the silicon and Mac OS bits. Hardware announcements for Fall should be absolutely fabulous.

    June 22, 2020

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