The Gates Foundation bought 500,000 shares of Apple last quarter

From “Gates Foundation Buys Up Amazon, Apple, Twitter Stock; Trims Berkshire Hathaway Stake” posted Sunday on SmarterAnalyst:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust has built up new positions in tech giants Amazon, Apple and Twitter in the first quarter of the year, while trimming its investment in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

In the first three months of the year, the Gates Foundation Trust bought up 501,044 in Apple shares, according to a SEC filing. The iPhone maker’s stock, which dropped 15% in the first quarter, has since been on a recovery path, appreciating some 25% to trade at $318.89 as of Friday’s close. Given the recent rally, the $318.93 average price target by analysts indicates shares are fully priced (See Apple stock analysis on TipRanks).

My take: “Fully priced” is in the mind of the investor, not in the price targets of 32 sell-side analysts.


  1. Romeo A Esparrago Jr said:
    Hath hell frozen over?
    Not if it’s smart, safe investing.
    I know it’s their trusteeship doing the investment decisions but has Bill himself personally purchased AAPL?

    The $150 million Microsoft settlement touted as “saving Apple” at the Macworld Boston conference in 1997 doesn’t count.

    Who’s next to buy AAPL?
    Michael Dell? LOL

    May 26, 2020
  2. Kirk DeBernardi said:
    Smart is as smart does.

    (Tip of the hat to Forrest Gump.)

    May 26, 2020

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