Needham's Laura Martin: Why she's sticking with a buy on Apple (video)


  1. Aaron Belich said:
    FUD machine is just getting spun up.

    February 26, 2020
  2. Gregg Thurman said:
    My take: CNBC was really shoveling out the Apple doom and gloom Monday.

    I think investors have hit an exhaustion wall. They are emotionally exhausted after reading all the sensationalized doom and gloom over the last month THAT HAS YET TO MATERIALIZE.

    As David’s brother points out, and I and others have stated several times, the number of coronavirus infections/deaths experienced so far pales in comparison to garden variety flu, an affliction for which there is a vaccine.

    A great example of this media sensationalizing an issue is the headline that reported cases in Italy TRIPLED in the last 7 days. The reality was that reported cases went from ~125 to ~375, hardly numbers to get excited about. Hell, more than that are killed each week, across the Middle East, by religious fanatics.

    Look how little reporting was given to Moderna and Gilead Sciences report that they have 2 promising Vaccines (initially reported by the WHO) for coronavirus entering trial stage. These articles give the reader hope, and that is at odds to the media’s self-imagined mission (there’s no blood and gore in hope).

    Give it another 2 weeks and SOMETHING NEW will get the media’s attention and coronavirus will become page 2 news.

    February 26, 2020
  3. David Baraff said:
    I think factories still not open in China is the real issue when it comes to AAPL.

    February 26, 2020

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