Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest is binge-worthy (video)

I’m a little late to the banquet, but I can say it now, having just binged the first season.

apple TV mythic quest bingeFrom Rotten Tomatoes‘ Top Critics:

Matthew Gilbert: Boston Globe. “It’s a smart, energetic series that contains what may be the most important element in a successful comedy: an alchemical ensemble of characters, each one as curious and distinct as the next.”

William Hughes, AV Club. When it wants to be, Mythic Quest can be a shockingly thoughtful series about the conflicts that arise between ego, collaboration, and money in a swiftly growing field like games.

Dan Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter. It’s not consistent, but it’s already trending in the right direction in a story that, unlikely It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, features characters who can and should grow.

Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone. The more interesting part of Mythic Quest comes when it’s not even trying for laughs… In the meantime, there’s enough in Mythic Quest to suggest this group has comic life beyond Paddy’s Pub.

My take: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia never clicked for me. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet had me at the trailer.

Cue the official trailer:


  1. Steven Noyes said:
    I watched MQ this weekend while being down with the flu. There were several points that really made me laugh; especially the white board which detailed every group someone might find offensive. The list was classic beat only by the outcomes of their NCAA inspired tournament.

    It was well worth the time spent watching.

    February 10, 2020
    • Aaron Belich said:
      I’m looking forward to season two, and I would be surprised if they didn’t tackle GamerGate, mobile gaming, VR, and 5G.

      MQ was an excellent commentary on the industry. Season one is often hard to get through in any new story. There were highs and lows, but Danny Pudi felt really under utilized until later in the season he seemed to cut loose a bit more.

      Fun times and I’m excited for more!

      February 10, 2020
      • Steven Noyes said:
        “I own you”. Scrooge Mc.Duck.

        He was great in the last episode.

        February 10, 2020

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