Apple employees donated $2,177 to President Trump's 2020 campaign

And a total of $147,074 to Sanders, Yang, Warren, Buttigieg and Biden, in that order.

From "Big Tech opponent Bernie Sanders raises more money from Big Tech employees than anyone else" posted Thursday on Recode.

Sanders, an avowed democratic socialist, has been highly critical of tech companies. Their employees don’t seem to mind.

Despite his criticisms of companies like Amazon, Bernie Sanders is raising more money from Big Tech than any other 2020 presidential candidate.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter employees funneled almost $270,000 into the Sanders campaign during the last three months of 2019, according to new fundraising disclosures filed this weekend. Almost half of that money came from employees of Google, according to an analysis for Recode by GovPredict.

Looking at contributions from workers at five large companies doesn’t tell the complete story of Silicon Valley’s financial support. But it offers one concrete way to stack-rank how the “tech industry” — so nebulously defined — is splitting when it comes to political support.

Another way to stack the data:

Click to enlarge.

My take: If the President sees this there could be hell to pay.


  1. Gregg Thurman said:
    Waste of reading time.

    February 7, 2020
  2. Jerry Doyle said:
    “My take: If the President sees this there could be hell to pay.” No! I disagree respectfully. President Donald Trump cares about only one person in Apple and what that one person does: Tim Cook.

    Just lovely to see these numbers! So we have the Apple workers from grounds keepers, security personnel, maintenance and retail outlets proudly voting themselves off the job; devoted family men and women engineers carefully seeing to it that their children never will be able to afford college or proper health care because all folk in these professions will avoid low government paying salaries for mediocre education and health care and move to private sector education and health care at even higher administration and operating costs; all Apple and Silicon Valley personnel cheering wildly as they deliver up a landslide victory for a socialist candidate whose policies will end their way of life transforming Silicon Valleys from Cupertino, to Austin, to Boston into a Michigan look “rust belt” region striking tech employees a blow from which they never will recover. Just beautiful!

    February 7, 2020
    • Aaron Belich said:
      A lot of blind rhetoric here and unsubstantiated claims Jerry.

      Easy as you go.

      The polarization created between the magnates of media along party lines has been incredible to observe these past three decades. As PED states, this money is but a drop in the bucket of out of control financing of politicos. And mostly a non-issue.

      February 7, 2020
  3. David Emery said:
    A friend left Google. He found it to be “very uncomfortable to downright hostile” to work there with his conservative beliefs.

    February 7, 2020
    • Steven Noyes said:
      I’ve had 2 acquaintances leave for the same reason. That, and it was somewhat unfulfilling but mostly it was hostile to work at if you didn’t tow a specific mindset

      February 7, 2020
  4. Steven Noyes said:
    “My take: If the President sees this there could be hell to pay.”

    Come on and get serious. Normally you have very insightful comments but if you think President Trump does not understand tech is a bastion of extreme left ideology, then … seriously???

    It has long been known big tech employees make MSNBC look ultra conservative.

    February 7, 2020
  5. David Emery said:
    This might be too far into the political, PED delete if so.

    One thing that bothers me about the Iowa debacle is I’m sure that the Dems could have gone to Google or most any other tech company and gotten their -expertise- to develop an app for recording caucus results. Instead, they went to some party insiders who clearly demonstrated they were not competent to do that job and have it be tested and scale properly.

    February 7, 2020
  6. Thomas Larkin said:
    Not sure how much weight to give this, as I assume most of the money thus far has been going into primary campaigning on the left, and Google and Amazon employees appear to be the biggest players. There are potential effects on AAPL investors from a Sanders or Warren Presidency, just as there are with a second term for Trump. The nerve wracking part is the level of animosity, polarization and demonization coming from both sides. It gets hard to stay above the fray, let alone get a clear picture of how this could play out.

    February 7, 2020
  7. Jamie McDaniel said:
    I had read somewhere that in a normal functioning environment, the difference between a politically conservative person and a politically liberal person is not so great. Basically a difference of how to accomplish a task, with some compromise usually being the way forward.

    Personally, I’m ready for my country to try some of Warren or Sander’s ideas. They are not so radical.

    And it seems odd that as Apple investors (my portfolio is 95% AAPL) we think Apple employees ideas regarding tech are so bright, to then think they are so blind and dumb when they want the next version of America to remove the healthcare insurance jack. Courage!

    February 8, 2020

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