Toni Sacconaghi on Tim Cook, tariffs and Apple’s bond deal (video)

Bernstein’s top tech analyst expects Apple to withhold memory bump-ups in order to hold new iPhone prices steady.

From CNBC Wednesday afternoon:

Apple will hold pricing firm, says Bernstein’s Toni Sacconaghi from CNBC.

Maintains Market Perform rating and $205 price target. 

My take: If you ignore his bearish price targets, Sacconaghi can sound almost bullish.

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  1. Michael Thompson said:
    This is dedicated to The Hampton’s Sacconaghi, multimillionaire analyst extraordinaire. It is a repeat from a buried post from yesterday:

    Antonio (his real first name) and his wife Michelle own a 6 bedroom/6 bathroom house in Southampton. I have his address, but I won’t dox the degenerate criminal. They sold a condo in NYC for about $5 million to a Chinese incorporated real estate company out of Long Beach, CA within the last year plus.

    Let me guess, Toni is against the trade war versus our enemy. There’s no one on the board that can lose more than me when it comes to a trade war with China and I FULLY support it. Double the tariffs today or triple them, we have the power to destroy China economically at will.

    Very interesting information that can easily be found about OUR BOY “Toni” the Lying Scumbag Sacconaghi.

    Was the purchase of his condo a potential payback for a deceitful job well done? I didn’t know that the pay grade for analysts allowed them to own at least two multimillion dollar properties simultaneously.

    When is real journalism going to happen? A real journalist would likely find CRIMINALITY in OUR BOY’S actions.

    September 5, 2019

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