WSJ: Tales of heroic AirPod rescues

One woman looped a length of dental floss through an e-cig charger, lowered it into a subway grate and retrieved her missing earbud with magnetic force.

From “America’s Stormy Affair With Apple AirPods: Love ’Em and Lose ’Em” ($) in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal:

apple airpods heroic rescues

AirPod rescues from New York City subway tracks ramped up in March, when Apple released a new version, [Steven Dluginski, an MTA maintenance supervisor] said. This summer has been the worst, possibly because the heat and humidity on subway platforms makes the ears and hands of New Yorkers pretty sweaty, he guessed.

Transit workers use a pole that extends to about 8 feet and has two rubber cups on the end that can be squeezed together to grab small objects. The “picker-upper thing,” Mr. Dluginski called it.

Around noon on a recent Thursday, Mr. Dluginski’s team had received 18 requests to fetch lost items. Six were for AirPods.

My take: Six out of 18 ain’t bad. Things get trickier when you drop ’em in the snow. Take it from me. See: Find my AirPods.

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