Look which Apple analysts came out from underwater

Many used Monday's event as an opportunity to dust-off their spreadsheets—and get ahead of Apple rising share price.

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Below: My full list of Apple price targets, as accurate and up-to-date* as I can make it. Corrections appreciated.

apple price targets showtime

Click to enlarge. *I rely on TipRanks ($) for the estimates of an analyst who shall remain nameless (long story).

My take: Pretty ballsy move for Goldman Sachs' Rod Hall to reiterate his Street-low $140 price target the day Apple unveiled its Goldman Sachs platinum credit card. No word from Ferragu, still tied for Street-low.


  1. Ralph McDarmont said:
    Rod Hall will be washing dishes somewhere after Apple’s next earnings report. Apple has not been asleep at the switch (old expression).

    March 27, 2019
    • David Sauceda said:
      According to Rod Hall’s LinkedIn page:

      “Senior research analyst covering the Telecom & Data Networking and IT Hardware sectors. #1 ranked in II for Telecom & Networking Equipment. Top 3 ranked in II Europe multiple years.”

      I’m not sure what the “II” represents, but I wonder who Rod is ranking himself up against, Trip Chowdhry & Friends?

      March 27, 2019
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Those at $170 and below don’t understand.

    In a SOTP model, Services alone could be worth $500B in a few years. Like Oprah said, a billion iPhones y’all.

    But Apple is no longer about DCF models. It is now a story stock, IMO. Very few see what Apple has built and will do with it. Those billion iPhones are secure, private, with the most powerful mobile chips in the world plus a tall and wide stack of software can address needs ranging from entertaining children to health services to education to financial services and more.

    March 27, 2019
  3. Michael Thompson said:
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rod Hall is a degenerate, market manipulating fraud and a criminal for hire.

    March 27, 2019
  4. Dan Scropos said:
    As a shareholder, the small things often excite me. As I picked up my 2nd Generation AirPods today at the local UPS store because I missed the home delivery, I was ecstatic to hear, “That must be one hot item.” I asked if there had been a lot of pickups and she responded, “More than any other product in a very long time.” (Smile) I thanked her and walked out.

    March 27, 2019
  5. Jerry W Doyle said:
    The passing of several days have allowed some Apple analysts a period to digest thoroughly Monday’s event. While mulling Monday morning’s presentations in their respective minds and revisiting their previous computations Apple analysts now have grace-for-the-moment to see clearly and judiciously, the potential successes Apple most likely will have in four new start-up service industries: News, Financial, Gaming and Video.

    Apple planted the seeds for these start-ups several years ago. Tim C tried multiple times during earning calls to impress on analysts to stop focusing on unit sales of devices sold. Green shoots from Apple’s planting of seeds from these four industries are starting to sprout and Apple is a methodical machine that keeps its head hanging over the plow cultivating, fertilizing and nurturing those saplings.

    I already feel the excitement (and I believe many Apple analysts do, too) that we will see these new service industries evolving, moving forward, continuing to be refined from their current embryonic development into mature service industries in the coming years. Also, do not forget Apple’s burgeoning foray into the humongous Health services industries. That field alone has the potential of being greater than the combined four new service industries Apple rolled out Monday.

    All these service industries are going to mature into unmistakable successes. Inculcated deeply within Apple’s DNA is this extreme passion for producing great products; and, no other company has the ability to push the integration of connecting its hardware, software and content management better than does Apple. It is for this reason, I believe, Apple prefers to chart its own path because it knows poignantly that if you need to break new ground, then you have to do it yourself.

    Apple is a value stock, but I still believe Apple remains a growth stock.

    “Laissez le bon temps rouler!”

    March 27, 2019

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