Maximum Excess: Adventures in Apple branding

From 9to5Mac: ‘iPhone Xs Max’ likely name for 6.5-inch OLED flagship, sources say

Last week 9to5Mac exclusively shared the first look at the new iPhone Xs models due to be officially announced by Apple on September 12. We’ve since learned that Apple has considered the name “iPhone Xs Max” for the larger 6.5-inch version, according to two sources familiar with Apple’s marketing plans.

Included in our reporting last week was the new detail that “iPhone Xs” will be the name of Apple’s new OLED models while confirming two size options and a new gold finish for the stainless steel sides. We’ve since heard that Apple will likely use “iPhone Xs Max” as the marketing name for the larger version of the new models.

My take: Not ideal, if true. On the other hand, Steve Jobs in 2010 named a new device after a feminine hygiene product. Big joke. Millions sold. .


  1. Richard Wanderman said:
    I think Apple has boxed themselves into a corner with their naming schemes. I thought this when they came out with iPhone 8 and X (ten) at the same time. What would happen next?

    I prefer simplicity: MacBook Pro (2015, 2018, etc.)

    If Apple keeps releasing new iPhones every year, why not follow the same pattern:

    iPhone 2018, etc.

    In 2019 they sell 2018 models at a discount.

    I suppose “Plus” is the agreed upon name for the bigger model although I don’t care for that either. I wish the models were exactly alike except for size but in fact, the bigger model has a second lens on the camera (this in the “8” series).

    The whole thing feels shortsighted to me.

    September 6, 2018
    • Gregg Thurman said:
      Like minds. I strongly agree. In my iPhone forecast spreadsheet, this is how I’ve been labeling future iPhone models. Labeling like this gets rid of the mindset that the “S” model isn’t that big of an upgrade.

      September 6, 2018

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