Apple: Here’s the report that sent iPhone display stocks reeling

OLED makers soared, LED makers sank.

From South Korea’s ET Times, via Google Translate:

Apple has decided to adopt organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) next year for all new iPhone models. In addition to premium smartphones, we will also adopt OLED in entry-level models. The OLED component industry, which has been shrinking due to a drop in demand, is expected to rebound.

According to industry sources on the 28th, Apple recently launched a new iPhone model in 2019 and decided to adopt OLED for all three. In the meantime, the industry has released two iPhones, one with OLED and one with LCD, and will make the same choice next year.

“Apple recently started planning the iPhone model in 2019 and decided to adopt OLED in all three types,” said an official from Apple who said, “The OLED used in the iPhone X (TEN) is a low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) LCD Quality, performance, and so on. “

Another official said, “Apple has decided to put all the OLED on the new iPhone model in 2019.” If the new model is more than three kinds, the LCD model may be maintained. However.

My take: That last “However” kinda takes the wind out of the news.

PS: If you think the Google translation is bad, you should see Microsoft’s. Here’s how Bing mangled that last paragraph:

Another official said: “Apple introduces the iPhone in all this, 2019 OLED set the policy to” mount “If the new models if you keep these three species may be practiced than LCD models, like if you keep the existing 3 Coulomb OLED but will showcase,” he predicted.

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  1. Fred Stein said:
    Apple sells the SE at $349 and $449, the 6S at $449 and $549, the 6s Plus at $549, and the 7 at $549.

    Apple will keep sub-$600, non OLED, iPhones in the model mix.

    May 29, 2018

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