Tim Cook: There oughta be a law against Facebook's business model

From Tripp Mickle's Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls for Privacy Regulation in Thursday's Wall Street Journal ($):

“We’ve never believed that these detailed profiles of people that have incredibly deep personal information that is patched together from several sources should exist,” Mr. Cook said during a taping of an MSNBC show slated to air April 6.

He said he is generally averse to regulation, “however, I think we’re beyond that. It’s time for a set of people to think about what can be done.”

“Everyone should know what they’re giving up, not only the specific data point but the whole line people can draw: When I know this-plus-this-plus-this-plus-this, I can infer a whole bunch of different things,” Mr. Cook said. “That can be abused.”

He added, “To me, it’s creepy when I look at something and all of a sudden it’s chasing me all across the web.”

Mickle notes:

Apple has sought to protect user privacy on its devices, encrypting text messages and storing sensitive information such as facial profiles on devices rather than remotely. Its business model, which relies on sales of iPhones, iPads and other devices, stands in contrast to Alphabet Inc. and Facebook, which rely on selling advertising.

Revolution: Apple Changing the World airs April 6 on MSNBC. It appears Mickle got an advance screening.

My take:.Capitalizing on Facebook/Cambridge Analytica, Cook is pulling the trigger on a privacy trap Steve Jobs set in 2010. Cue the video.


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