CIRP: Apple's share of U.S. mobile activations up 34% in 3 months, 15% in 12

From a report posted Tuesday by Computer Intelligence Research Partners:

CIRP research shows that the two major mobile operating systems, Google Android and Apple iOS, accounted for virtually 100% of US mobile phone activations in the third quarter (Chart 1). In the December 2017 quarter, Android accounted for 60% of US activations, down from the 64% share in the year-ago December 2016 quarter, and down from 71% in the September 2017 quarter. iOS accounted for 39% of activations, up from its 34% share in the year-ago December 2016 quarter, and up from its 29% share in the September 2017 quarter.

“Apple’s iOS increased its mobile operating system share in the US in the most recent quarter,” said Josh Lowitz, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP. ”While Android still leads, the launch of the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X models, without similar new Android phones, allowed Apple to increase its share of activations in the quarter, relative last quarter and to the year-ago quarter.”

Among phone brands, Apple had the highest share in the US market in the December 2017 quarter, at 39%, with Samsung next at 32% and LG at 13% (Chart 2). All other brands, including Motorola, HTC, and others, accounted for the remaining 15%.

CIRP iOS shareMy take: Apple reports its December quarter earnings in two weeks. This would be a dangerous time to bet against it.


  1. Gregg Thurman said:
    Apple has a nasty habit of reporting revenue just below its top of range guidance. I have done well using that habit to establish my own price targets and options investments.

    I think this quarter Apple is going to surprise, reporting ~$900 million above top of range The culprit? IPhone ASP. I don’t think WS is giving the new, higher pricing of the iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X enough respect.

    Also, I think this may be one of those rare times that Apple has sandbagged its guidance a bit more than usual because of some uncertainty of supply and consumer acceptance of the iPhone X’s price tag.

    January 16, 2018
    • Jonathan Mackenzie said:
      I think Tim Cook learned his lesson in q1 of 2012 when Apple announced gross margins above 42%. It created a really tough compare. Now I think that they manage earnings somewhat. So if this q1 were really ridiculously strong, they would pull forward some expenses or defer some revenue to save something for a rainy day. I think Apple will probably announce a great quarter, a record breaker even. But the days of the super blowout are over, I suspect.

      And that’s fine with me. Apple could announce it had sold an iPhone to every man, woman and child on the planet, and analysts would rush to claim that meant future sales would be soft. So I have no problem with management making sure they smooth out the curve a little to defend against that kind of “analysis.”

      January 16, 2018
    • Ken Cheng said:
      I would guess that sales of AppleCare+ may be up as well, given the cost of an iPhone X and the glass back.

      January 16, 2018
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Those numbers are amazing. Apple is doing much better than last year, when Sammy was handicapped by flaming Galaxies.

    January 16, 2018

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