iPhone X sold out in US, UK, Germany, China, Japan, UAE

From a note to clients by Royal Bank of Canada analyst Amit Daryanani that landed in my inbox Friday:

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: If ordered now, iPhone X ships in 5-6 weeks. We checked lead times for US, UK, Germany, China, Japan and UAE, and interestingly the 5-6 week lead time is consistent across carriers, colors, memory size and geographies. This could mean that the 5-6 weeks number is conservative and users would likely receive it before that timeline. The lead times are higher than the previous three iPhone generations (7/6s/6) and lifts any demand concerns given the high price point.

iPhone X Carrier Promotions So Far: 1) Verizon is offering $300 off iPhone X purchase if customers trade in their older phone. 2) T-Mobile has a comparable $300 trade-in offer. 3) AT&T also offered a $300 discount based on iPhone 7 trade-in or up to $200 on other devices. 4) Sprint is offering $350 off with a trade-in. 5) Xfinity Mobile is offering the biggest promotion of $500 discount on a new phone without a trade-in. Overall, promotions at larger carriers are slightly lower than those seen for iPhone 7 last year.

Apple’s take: “We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts,” a spokeswoman told Reuters.

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