Ming-Chi Kuo: No cellphone radio in Apple Watch this year

The latest predictions from everybody’s favorite Asian supply chain analyst.

When KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speaks, Apple rumor sites listen. Here, according AppleInsider, are his new Apple Watch predictions, taken from a note to clients posted Sunday.

For 2016

  • Two versions (no gold?)
  • Same outward design (no thinner)
  • Improved processor (from TMSC)
  • Better waterproofing (but only slightly)
  • GPS radio and barometer (for improved geolocation)
  • High-capacity battery (but not necessarily longer battery life)

For 2017

  • LTE radio (to make calls and reach Internet without iPhone)

For 2018

  • More radical design changes (thinner?)
  • Improved health applications (more sensors)
  • Potential FDA approval as a medical device

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