Q&A with ace Apple reporter Mark Gurman

He was a one-man scoop machine at 9to5Mac. Now he’s going to Bloomberg.

ELMER-DEWITT: Why Bloomberg? Was it your first choice?

GURMAN: Bloomberg offers a great team and opportunities like TV that go well beyond online news breaking. The development of new digital initiatives is exciting and I’m glad to become part of it. I’ve been approached with opportunities over the years, but Bloomberg was the first where I felt the move was the right thing for my career at the right time.

ELMER-DEWITT: You mentioned last year that you liked the spotlight and were thinking about television. Is this what you had in mind?

GURMAN: It’s not necessarily about the spotlight, but TV offers the opportunity for me to enhance the way news is expressed and continue to generate a following.

ELMER-DEWITT: Among the other options you were considering last year were a start-up and a Stanford MBA. Have you ruled them out? Is journalism your chosen profession now?

GURMAN: I haven’t ruled out anything for the future. My plan is still to eventually get an MBA. I don’t know when that will be exactly, but I think I’ve shown an ability to handle multiple paths at once.

ELMER-DEWITT: Seth [Weintraub]  says you would have made more money sticking with him at 9to5Mac. Is he wrong?

GURMAN: I won’t comment on salary/money other than to say that I don’t think of opportunities like this exclusively in terms of dollars and cents. I have a long-term plan in life and I am pleased with my personal progress from a financial perspective.

ELMER-DEWITT: Both Weintraub and [Daring Fireball‘s John] Gruber think that you should have started your own site, capitalizing on your brand while it was hot. Why did you choose to work for legacy media?

GURMAN: My perspective is that this new role will only enhance, and likely significantly, my “brand.” I do not consider Bloomberg to be legacy media. I think in 6-12 months people will acknowledge this was the right move.

ELMER-DEWITT: “I feel like I’m capable of bigger things,” you told me last June, “than just writing about Apple.” Did you tell Bloomberg that?

GURMAN: I won’t just be writing about Apple. I’ll be on TV talking about Apple, I’ll be making videos about the latest news and Apple products, and I’ll be podcasting about Apple. Beyond that, I’ll be stepping into coverage of other consumer product companies like Amazon.

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