Why didn’t Apple sign the EU’s hate speech agreement?

It wasn’t invited.

Apple might wish it had a bustling social network to rival Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter or YouTube.

But since it pulled the plug on Ping, the closest thing to a social network in Apple’s ecosystem are the “community” discussion boards on support.apple.com where users with problems will occasionally vent their rage. Those boards are patrolled by Apple staffers, however, and anything that approaches illegal hate speech as the European Union defines it is quickly weeded out.

That’s more than Facebook et al. will be doing. Theirs is a passive pledge. Under the code of conduct announced today, the big four have promised to review “the majority” of hateful online content within 24 hours of being notified—something, by the way, they are already doing.

They’ve also promised to “discuss how to promote transparency and encourage counter and alternative narratives.” Whatever that means.

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