Apple Watch one year later: Mostly a guy thing

But the women who wear them may be better educated than the men.

Wristly's Bernard Desarnauts has been tracking Apple Watch owners since the device was launched on April 24, 2015. He's been gathering data, through weekly e-mail questionnaires, on everything from income and education level to how often Watch owners press the screen with their nose.

When Tim Cook brags about the Watch's "off the charts" 97% user satisfaction, he's quoting Wristly's self-selected sample. (See my "dissatisfaction" follow-up.)

To mark the device's one-year anniversary Desarnauts has released Wristly Insider Report #45, a snapshot of the typical Apple Watch owner based on a survey conducted at the end of March..

My favorite findings:

  • 86% of respondents were men, 14% women
  • 44% of the women had PhDs, 38% of the men

Desarnauts notes in a caveat that these demographic stats are drawn from 1,370+ respondents and "are not representative of the entire Wristly panel of 2,500+ members, let alone the overall market." (Emphasis mine.)

Or, as someone put it on Twitter, "Is Wristly mostly a guy thing?"

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  1. Ken Cheng said:
    So, 39% of Apple Watch owners on Wristly have PhDs, that’s impressive. I wonder if there’s any other demographic with such a high percentage of PhDs. I clearly should not have bought 2 Apple Watches, as we’re bringing down the average!

    April 25, 2016

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