Handicapping Apple’s earnings, Q2 2016

Most analysts expect Apple to meet or beat its guidance next week.

Apple disappointed investors in January when it guided March quarter revenues between $50 billion and $53 billion—well below last year’s $58 billion.

Now, with Apple scheduled to report Q2 earnings on Tuesday,…

  • 8 analysts expect it to beat the top end of that range
  • 30 expect it to beat the midpoint
  • 7 expect it to miss the midpoint
  • 1 expects it to miss altogether

We’ll see who was closest to the mark after the markets close Tuesday April 26.

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  1. Robert Paul Leitao said:

    It’s noteworthy the highest revenue estimate for the March quarter is from Simona Jankowski at Goldman Sachs. She is decidedly bullish on the company and her recent online poll suggests very strong demand for the iPhone 7 this fall.

    April 23, 2016

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