Discount tickets to the Dediu & Bajarin show in NYC Wednesday

For Apple 3.0 subscribers, a $300 value.

I'm going to be in New York City Wednesday afternoon to spend some quality time with two of my favorite independent analysts, Horace Dediu and Ben Bajarin.

They're talking about a subject close to my heart: How to make money on the Internet without shoving ads in readers' faces.

Or, as they put it:

"Advertising is a great business but it has limits. There is only so much ad money to go around. What will fuel an Internet that outgrows all the ad money in the world?"

They're calling the event SUBSCRIBE: The Future of Online Services.

Tickets cost $995, but I'm pleased to be able to offer Apple 3.0 subscribers a 30% discount. That's a $300 value for as little as $10.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Wednesday April 6, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: EY, 5 Times Square, 23rd Floor, Room H

To get the Apple 3.0 discount, click here or use the code PED30.

I plan to be there early. Hope to see you there.

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