Who's for Apple and Who's for the FBI: The Full List

Thursday was the deadline for friends of the court to weigh in.

Sheri Pym, the U.S. magistrate who ordered Apple to help the FBI hack into a San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, has some reading to do.

Thursday was the deadline for so-called friends of the court to weigh in on the case and Pym's court was hit a flood of letters and briefs the likes of which I suspect she's never seen.

In terms of sheer volume, Apple took the day. For the benefit of the press, the company has been keeping close tabs on the flood of support it's received from tech companies, law professors, privacy advocates, civil liberties groups, encryption experts, and even the family of one of the San Bernardino victims.

The FBI's list is considerably shorter, but includes briefs filed by four of victims' families and a half-dozen state and national law enforcement groups.

Here, with links, is the list of who's for Apple (aapl) and who's for the FBI, as complete and up to date as I could make it.

Supporting Apple:

.Supporting the FBI:

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for March 22 in Judge Pym's Riverside, Calif., federal court. It's likely to be well-attended.


  1. Richard Wanderman said:
    While I support Apple in this, I’m not into using public opinion to decide anything. In the Facebook era people will sign petitions and join virtual lynch mobs without knowing a thing about what actually happened.

    March 4, 2016
  2. Welcome aboard, Richard. Petitions and lynch mobs are an American tradition that date back to the founding fathers.

    March 15, 2016

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