Apple: Timothée who? (video)

From "Timothée Chalamet Shills for Apple in Very Amusing Ad" posted Saturday by Vanity Fair:

Apple, that li’l tech company you may have heard about, has had its share of memorable advertising campaigns. There was Sir Ridley Scott’s revolutionary clip 1984, the Y2K-riffing HAL 9000 ad, the Laurel and Hardy-esque “Get a Mac” blitz featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman, and the “Think Different” campaign, which changed many of history’s greats into ambassadors of their products, including, weirdly, the notably tech-averse Mahatma Gandhi. (Salman Rushdie had some interesting things to say about that.) With this much competition, the company’s newest commercial may not end up in their all-time top ten, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely amusing.

Timothée Chalamet, the 27-year-old Manhattan-bred Franco-American Nice Jewish Boy dreamboat with an Oscar nomination, has teamed up with Apple, specifically Apple TV+, for an ad geared to delight his fans and film buffs...

With a premise following in the footsteps of a similar gag from last year with Jon Hamm, it begins as something of an homage to the Nicole Kidman AMC ads, with Chalamet wide-eyed in a theater watching last year’s best picture winner, Apple’s CODA. (Before you say anything, yes, CODA, the first-ever movie to live on a streaming platform, did indeed get a theatrical victory lap run after its win.) Impressed by the movie, Chalamet remarks that he was in two of the Oscar-nominated movies from last year. (That would be Dune and Don’t Look Up.)...

Keep in mind one key thing: after Hamm’s bit last year, he’s now expected to appear on the next season of The Morning Show. One suspects Timmy’s call from Apple has already been made. The title of the spot and its central image are also clear references to his 2017 film Call Me By Your Name.

My take: As often happens to me in Vanity Fair, half the Hollywood references went over my head. Timothée Chalamet was new to me.


  1. Gregg Thurman said:
    half the Hollywood references went over my head.

    Only half? You’re better informed than I am.

    I’m still waiting for real actors to show up on the screen.

    January 23, 2023
    • Rodney Avilla said:
      “You’re better informed than I am.“

      I am not sure of that being up-to-date on what’s happening in Hollywood (not referring to PED) qualifies as being “better informed“. Maybe it has more to do with having nothing better to do with your time?

      January 23, 2023
    • Bart Yee said:
      Before our (boomer and boomlet) generations’ “real actors” made their marks, they were just young actors, struggling, learning, growing. Most starred in plenty of forgettable movies, some hit it big early, many a bit later. At some point they got noticed, achieved stardom, and kept going, although quite a few flames out or died from various causes.

      It’s no different with Gen Z, Millenial, and even younger stars who are working their way up, on stage, on film (digital), or in TV/streaming – there’s many many really good young actors, they appeal to young teen and young adult audiences because they mirror (somewhat like ours did) ourselves.

      Apple TV is programming for all demographics who wish to stream and use / enjoy its content. Why shouldn’t they feature young talent? Why shouldn’t they give some opportunities and vehicles for more and more actors to shine? Yes, they started with a number of known stars to prime the pump in shows (Morning Show), Movies (The Greyhound), and Animation (Luck). But who ever heard of Jason Sudeikis before Ted Lasso?

      I applaud Apple for taking chances on actors and production companies who are doing great work and putting out quality content with Apple. Not every one is going to be a hit but Apple pushing new original content seems to be working.

      January 23, 2023
      • S Lawton said:
        “who ever heard of Jason Sudeikis”
        Second City, Saturday Night Ive, almost 40 feature films, numerous television credits including recurring and main roles. He was NOT discovered through Ted Lasso

        January 23, 2023
    • S Lawton said:
      Um, guys, those were all Apple projects

      January 23, 2023
  2. Aaron Belich said:
    Apple’s ad team knows how to cut an ad.

    Few do it better.
    News at 11.

    January 23, 2023
    • Kirk DeBernardi said:
      Aaron B. —

      Editing. The soul of any great film.

      Hell…the soul of film, period.

      January 24, 2023

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