WSJ's Joanna Stern explains Apple end-to-end iCloud encryption (video)

From "Apple’s Craig Federighi Explains New iPhone Security Features" posted Thursday:

Apple is finally bringing end-to-end encryption to most of iCloud, including backups, photos and more. In an exclusive interview, Apple software chief Craig Federighi sat down with WSJ’s Joanna Stern to explain how Advanced Data Protection works, and what it means for law enforcement.

My take: I'm not sure I want to turn it on. The FBI hasn't bothered me yet, and the chance that I might forget a key and lose access to 70,000 photos gives me pause.


  1. Gregg Thurman said:
    Collectors of child pornography photos are going to love this feature.

    Way to go baseless paranoid America.

    December 9, 2022
  2. Fred Stein said:
    Love Craig. He uses the word “safety” or “safe”. It is the right word, not privacy, which has political overtones.

    As for law enforcement, like Craig, I fully support them. They share the mission – keep us safe.

    Does ADP hamper LE? Not really. Apple just made it easier for individuals to fully safeguard their data (and to recover their data, as outlined in the video.) Bad actors, can buy E2E encryption w/o Apple. It’s not that hard.

    Next: See what happens in China.

    December 9, 2022
  3. Jerry Doyle said:
    “…. Next: See what happens in China.”

    You nailed it, brother Fred S. This is the question that I have been asking each time this topic surfaces. Craig Federighi was forthright and explicit in his answer to Ms. Joanna Stern when asked if Apple plans to roll ADP out to China. My, my, my. Oh my! Get the pop corn ready. Surely Tim Cook has his planned response to China and that response has been carefully thought-out. We all know that the CCP will not allow ADP to be offered to its nation’s citizens. So what is Apple’s response? I suspect Tim C will fall back on Apple adhering to the laws of the country in which the company does business. Is that answer backpedaling? The media will pounce. Any Apple 3.0 guild member’s comment is welcome.

    I continue to be impressed with Craig Federighi’s ability to handle these interviews in ways leaving me desiring him to fill Tim C’s shoes, even though I am partial to Jeff Williams being the next Apple CEO. Federighi is six years William’s junior at 53. By the time Tim C retires I fear Williams may be passed the prime age to ascend and that Federighi will be at the desired age to do so. Federighi is smart, astute, articulate, polished, Apple knowledgeable, prime age and has an excellent track record of doing quality media interviews.

    Lastly, I have 38 years of state and federal government service at the low, mid, top and senior levels working with Cabinet Secretaries and sub cabinet rank. No assurance can be given that some internal employee(s) will not abuse the system in ways to circumvent policy, regulations or violate law in carrying out duties, no matter the redundancies of protective or overlapping security layers enabled; even some politico in the WH calling the department or agency demanding responses. It happens.

    December 9, 2022
  4. Steven Philips said:
    The Texas legislature will pass a law that anyone who turns it on is hiding something criminal so they can be prosecuted for felonious intent to commit a crime. Florida will follow suit two weeks later.

    December 10, 2022
    • Brian Loftus said:
      Texas legislature is not even in session. Starts in January, lasts about 4 months, then that is it for 2 years without a special session. Special sessions have only specific topics.

      December 10, 2022

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