Apple 14 (not Pro) Plus: The reviews are in

Excerpts from the reviews that caught my eye. More as they come in.

Joanna Stern, Wall Street Journal: Big Screen, Big Battery, Not-as-Big Price. Yep, me again. Just three weeks after reviewing the iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, I’m back with a review of yet another iPhone. Starting at $899, the iPhone 14 Plus ships on Friday. Did Apple delay the Plus to give the Pro Max an early boost? Apple just said it ships products when they are ready. What’s different this time around? This one brings a larger screen and longer battery life to people who don’t want to take out a new mortgage. (Good thing, since it’s a really bad time for mortgages!)

Allison Johnson, The Verge: Excellent battery life and a large display make the 14 Plus upgrade-worthy. This is the new iPhone that most people want. It’s not the iPhone with the neat new display features or a high-resolution camera. It’s the iPhone with a big display and a battery that goes for days. That’s really all you need to know about it, honestly. If you’d rather have an iPhone with the best possible battery life than an iPhone with the very newest features, then the iPhone 14 Plus is the one for you.

Jacob Krol, TheStreet: Bigger, Lighter, and Just as Fast. The most shocking thing, in a delightful way, about the iPhone 14 Plus is just how light it is. Apple’s managed to keep the weight here to just 7.16-ounces (203-grams or 0.44-pounds). In comparison, the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max comes in at 8.47-ounces (240-grams or 0.53-pounds). It’s super light in the hand and super portable, even more so than some other larger screen smartphones. Safe to say though with a 6.7-inch screen, it will create a bulge if you rock it in the front pocket of pants. It can also fit in bags and backpacks, along with knapsacks with some room, though it’s not as truly pocketable as the iPhone 13 Mini.

Sam Rutherford, Engadget: It’s an iPhone, but bigger. The iPhone 14 Plus has the same basic features as the standard iPhone 14. You get a more playful selection of colors (blue, purple, midnight, starlight and red) than the Pro line, but lose out on some more sophisticated tech such as Apple's Dynamic Island, the new A16 Bionic chip or a dedicated telephoto camera. Instead, you get an A15 Bionic processor (the same as last year's models), just two rear cameras (including the 12MP main sensor from the iPhone 13 Pro), and a new 12MP TrueDepth selfie cam in front.

Patrick Holland, CNET: For People Who Love Big Screens. The iPhone 14 Plus starts at $899 for a model with 128GB of storage. That's $200 less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and just $100 more than the regular iPhone 14. But at $900, that still makes it out of reach for many people. And that's disappointing, especially when you consider that the Android landscape is littered with large-screen, rectangular slabs that can be bought at nearly any price.

Lance Ulanoff, TechRadar: A larger screen and battery without the Pro price tag. Everything you read about Apple’s iPhone 14 is true of the iPhone 14 Plus. You're getting the same processor, display technology, and dual camera array on the back. What sets this phone apart from its smaller sibling is, obviously, its screen size and battery life; and for some, that will be reason enough to choose it over the iPhone 14. The 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus is a newcomer to the iPhone lineup, supplanting the adorably small iPhone 13 mini, which apparently failed to inspire buyers.

Mark Spoonauer, Tom's Guide: Big screen, smaller price.The iPhone 14 Plus is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a big-screen experience for a relatively affordable price. For $899, you get an immersive 6.7-inch display along with extra-long battery life, which will make this a more compelling option than the regular iPhone 14 for some buyers. While the cameras are stellar, the lack of optical zoom and a 120Hz display are bummers when compared to Android flagships at this price.

Britta O'Boyle, Pocket-lint: Is bigger better? The Apple iPhone 14 Plus brings with it a new form factor for the standard iPhone and that's exciting. We loved the iPhone mini at Pocket-lint so we're a little sad not to see one this year, but the iPhone 14 Plus is a brilliant option for those who want a bigger screen and bigger battery but don't want to pay those Pro prices. 

Stan Schroeder, Mashable: Buy it for the battery life. Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus is a larger version of the iPhone 13, with just a few upgrades. But the combination of great battery life and a big display in a fairly light body makes it worth your consideration.

Chris Davies, SlashGear: The Bigger Display Decision. Size isn't everything, but sometimes it's real nice to have. That's pretty much the argument for Apple's iPhone 14 Plus: a fresh addition to the 2022 smartphone line-up that feels plenty familiar. Combining the scale of the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the features — and, very nearly, the price tag — of the iPhone 14, if it's a compromise then it's a compelling one.

Stephen Fenech, TechGuide: Hits the sweet spot with a large screen and great battery life. In the last few years, the only way a customer could have larger screen iPhone would be to pay for the most expensive Pro Max model. But now Apple has responded to customer’s suggestion and re-introduced the Plus model to the iPhone 14 line-up.

Marques Brownlee, YouTube: iPhone 14 Plus & The Problem with Benchmarks!


  1. Fred Stein said:
    The Android Authority, in May, 2022, tells the story how Pixel finally got to 3% market share in North America growing 380% YoY. Pixel launched in 2016. Repeat: North America only.

    Google finally realized they had to pay up, as in advertising, aggressive pricing, etc. because that’s the way clone markets work.

    Apple’s iPhones launch themselves (slight exaggeration). Seriously though, every analyst or blogger chimes in, creating buzz. Having an IB of 750 million n-2 product helps.

    October 6, 2022
  2. Michael Goldfeder said:
    @Fred: “…there’s a 150M+ used iPhone market or the SE.” So essentially are various Android and Pixel phones really competing against hand me downs and used iPhones? But not even in the market with the newly released Apple iPhone 14’s?

    October 6, 2022
  3. Daniel Epstein said:
    Allison John’s review “This is the new iPhone that most people want. It’s not the iPhone with the neat new display features or a high-resolution camera. It’s the iPhone with a big display and a battery that goes for days.” seems to have accepted the reason Apple produced this. Now will that sell as well is an interesting question. To me the price points are interesting measures of market demand and costs. Especially if you buy the phone on installment plans. The difference between the Iphone 14 and Iphone 14 plus on a 2 year monthly installment plan is about 4 dollars and 17 cents a month at 0% interest. iPhone 14 Pro Max would be another 8.35 more per month. Using minimum list prices in US. Of course that is without other deals which might make the difference less. So does a difference of 14 dollars a month make people stay with the iPhone 14 instead of the other models. For some but not all. Apple is very good at making the upsell work. I think a bigger screen better battery life might be worth it to many. If the plus does become the most popular model and sells well in the overall scheme then Apple will have covered a part of the market they may have been neglecting. Or they just made many more people want the Pro Models. Still a win

    October 6, 2022

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