Ming-Chi Kuo calls BS on Digitimes' latest Apple FUD

"Apple forced to cut iPhone 14 orders by 10%, despite anticipating strong demand" -- Digitimes on Friday

From Kuo's Twitter feed, posted Saturday:

1. Rumored TSMC's iPhone 14 orders cut by 10% is not aligned with my survey. I currently maintain my 2H22 shipment forecast for iPhone 14, about 100 mn and 90 mn units for components and EMS, respectively.

2. Apple's slight adjustments for iPhone shipment forecasts (single-digit increase/decrease) are common, including new models before mass production.

3. Apple doesn't usually markedly change shipment forecasts for new iPhones (double-digit increase/decrease) before launching new models and confirming the actual market demand/feedback.

4. If a supply chain issue causes a significant change in the shipment plan of the new iPhones before mass production, Apple usually postpones the orders instead of cutting them.

5. The above also applies to Apple's other products.

My take: Digitimes sets 'em up, Kuo (who once worked for Digitimes) knocks 'em down. I love it.

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