Apple's iPhone 14 is already a hot ticket item among Chinese scalpers

Ming-Chi Kuo tested the grey market for Apple's next (but unannounced) iPhone and found it sizzling.

From Kuo's Twitter feed, posted Thursday:

(1/4) The demand for iPhone 14 in the Chinese market may be stronger than that of the iPhone 13 from the viewpoints of distributors/retailers/scalpers.

(2/4) My latest survey indicates that some Chinese distributors/retailers/scalpers have to pay the highest prepaid deposit ever for iPhone 14 to ensure a sufficient supply, implying the iPhone 14 demand in the Chinese market will likely be higher than expected.

(3/4) At present, in the Chinese market, the iPhone 14 prepaid deposit is significantly higher than the iPhone 13 and even twice as high in some areas.

(4/4) The iPhone 14 shipment forecast of component suppliers and EMS is about 100 million and 90 million units in 2H22, respectively. The solid demand for iPhone 14 in the Chinese market may reduce market concerns about the risk of the iPhone 14 order cut after the launch.

My take: This report may tell you more than you wanted to know about the nature of Kuo's sources.

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  1. John Konopka said:
    I’ll be in line for an iPhone 14. I get a new iPhone about every three years. I could get one every year but I like the comfort of having one that I know well.

    Someplace I saw a comment that people won’t spend big bucks for an iPhone in a recession. In the past I think it was the opposite. When money is tighter people are more careful with their spending and go for quality. That is the safer way to go.

    July 1, 2022
  2. Tom Farris said:
    I upgraded my wife from her iPhone 7 last week. Got the 13 Pro Max w/512GB. Did she need the extra, maybe not. It will be my eventual hand me down, which is ok by me. So while there, also got her an Apple Watch 7 with cellular, 2 additional bands (need to take them back & get some other kind), MagSafe for both. And a couple Home Pod Mini’s just to spread the sounds. AppleCare for all, case for the phone. All cash, all in about $2,600. (About $100 more than I paid for my first Mac Plus in 1985 or so that I bought used from my boss at the time) I consider both purchases, then and now, bargains of the highest order. I still have that Mac plus also, just haven’t used it in a while (Can I call 30 years “a while”?)

    July 2, 2022
    • Michael Goldfeder said:
      @Tom: Thank you for your extensive purchases as now I have “insider” information that will be a tremendous aid in my revenue guesstimating for the upcoming Apple 3.0 contest. Every bit helps.

      July 2, 2022
      • Tom Farris said:
        @ Michael You are most welcome if that is help you. Don’t know if I fit any particular profile, except that I have been an Apple fan since the Apple /// that we used at the bank back around 1981/82 (had a Profile 5 MB hard drive that self destructed on us – our fault), with VisiCalc did some great things. Made a two day report into a 3 hour report. Happy to give you more individual details if you think it might help. PED has my email. Best.

        July 2, 2022

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