‘Apple is like your wartime consigliere’ (video)

“If peace breaks out in the market, there’s going to be other, faster-moving stuff.” — CNBC’s Michael Santoli

From “Apple has to really be concerned for the long term, says Charter’s Ed Snyder” which aired Friday on CNBC:

My take: The reference at the 2:32 mark, which I had to look up, is from the Godfather.


  1. Jerry Doyle said:
    Ed Snyder denotes the China lockdown, inflation and slowing GDP as risk factors for Apple long term. He easily could have expanded his “factor-list” by including the war in Ukraine, supply-chain issues, Omicron driven economic disruptions and so on as further long term risks to Apple stock price performance. Few companies, though, are better positioned to prosper during this period as Mr. Snyder denotes of Apple because of its huge currency reserves, its ability to generate enormous cash flow and the continued consumer aspirational desire to own Apple products. Apple is poised further to advantage this recognition through strong company fundamentals in its operations and management. Market volatility most likely will continue through the summer doldrums as we head into the fall and holiday periods where consumer demand and excitement for new products and services will overtake the fervor of those voicing a recession and a better sense of Fed actions is gleaned. I see Apple by the end of the year back to its ATH of $182 and beyond.

    May 28, 2022
  2. John Blackburn said:
    “Any significance on 150? What about—”
    “—whoa, waddaya say the odds the left guy takes off first? Any significance on that fence rail? What’s the smart money thinking here?”

    May 28, 2022
    • Steven Philips said:
      Exactamundo! 🙂
      Perfect example!

      May 28, 2022
  3. Robert Paul Leitao said:
    My gosh! Long-term investors should watch Apple’s net income numbers, not today’s share price. Apple’s share price progression over time is determined by the pace of net income growth and the anticipated pace of net income growth. The latter half of this year and the beginning of next year isn’t exactly the “long term.” Moving beyond the expected challenges over the next few to several months, I consider Ed Snyder’s comments to be bullish.

    May 28, 2022
  4. Up nearly 9% over the past week, 20% past 12 months, I’m easy. Back in the day Newtown Savings & Loan never paid more than 7% interest annually. Clearing 18% on my honey sales, I remain well ahead of inflation. Mom saw her DLTR go up $29/share last week. Told me she’s been investing for 75 years. Her Aunt made her buy Bell Telephone shares.

    May 28, 2022

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