Apple still tops in tablets

From "PC and tablet market stays strong with 118 million units shipped in Q1 2022" posted Wednesday by Canalys:

While commercial demand is healthy, the slowdown in consumer and education has taken its toll on Chromebooks and tablets, both of which suffered further shipment declines. Tablet numbers fell 3% year on year to 38.6 million units, while Chromebooks dipped to 4.9 million units, a 60% fall from their record performance in Q1 2021.

Worldwide tablet shipments fell slightly, by 3%, but against what was an exceptionally strong Q1 2021.

    • Apple, in first place, saw a 2% fall in shipments in Q1 as it shipped 14.9 million iPads worldwide.
    • Second-placed Samsung also posted a 2% decline for a total of 7.9 million tablets shipped.
    • For the first time in over a year, Amazon surpassed Lenovo to take third place with a growth of 3% on the back of heavy discounting of its Fire tablets.
    • Lenovo endured the second biggest decline of the top five vendors, with its shipments down 20% year on year to 3 million units.
    • Huawei rounded out the top five, with a 22% decline and 1.7 million tablets shipped globally.

Cue the spreadsheet:

My take: I have a loaner Chromebook issued by the City of Greenfield. Even tried using it for a while. I'm not surprised the slowdown has taken its toll on sales.


  1. Robert Paul Leitao said:
    Please keep in mind iPads have been supply constrained. In this instance, reported sales are not wholly indicative of demand for the product as Apple strives to meet supply-demand equilibrium for the iPad line.

    May 4, 2022
    • Fred Stein said:
      Yup, Robert, you beat me to it.

      Macs also had a great quarter, growth and taking share.

      More enduring goodness from Apple, that gets nearly no attention. Yet all these contribute to Apple’s $100B/YR (and growing) capital return plan.

      May 4, 2022
    • Fred Stein said:
      Thanks Roger.

      The Mac plus iPad story speaks volumes. Especially since Mac grew 25% vs. last year.

      We all recall when the Mac story was the text book example of how ‘open’ would always destroy ‘closed’. Completely debunked.

      The Mac example shows that the iPhone can remain strong for decades. Listen up, people from planet Meta.

      May 4, 2022
  2. I keep a close eye on new and existing point-of-sale devices wherever I do business. Food trucks, farmers markets, craft breweries, hospital admissions, insurance claim agents, collision shops and many older establishments. You have to look close as the vendors of new POS gear cover most of the touch screen device. It was a mix of iPad and Android tablets 2 years ago. Now I only see various iPads used. This is a huge market win if my observations are playing out beyond Atlantic Coast state businesses I frequent.

    May 4, 2022

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