Apple Maps puts Crimea back in Ukraine

From Filipe Esposito's "Apple Maps now says Crimea is part of Ukraine -- except if you're in Russia" posted Thursday on 9to5Mac:

In 2019, Apple made a controversial change in its Maps and Weather apps to show the Crimean Peninsula as a region of Russia for those living there. At the same time, Crimea was displayed as an independent region to users from other parts of the world. Now Apple is once again saying that Crimea is part of Ukraine – except if you’re in Russia.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine started years ago. In 2014, Russia occupied and annexed the Crimean Peninsula – a move that has never been recognized as legitimate by most of the world’s nations.

After these events, there was a discussion among the tech companies about how to describe Crimea. To comply with Russian law, both Apple and Google updated their apps to show Crimea as part of Russia, while the rest of the world saw the territory disassociated from any country.

However, Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine that began in February has made Apple reconsider that change. Instead of showing up as an independent territory, Crimea is once again displayed as part of Ukraine in Apple Maps (and also in the iOS Weather app). Unfortunately, as reported by Mashable, no changes have been made when accessing these services from Russia.

My take: If Apple is no longer doing business in Russia, why is it still obeying Putin's cartographic dictates?

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  1. Jerry Doyle said:
    “…. My take: If Apple is no longer doing business in Russia, why is it still obeying Putin’s cartographic dictates?”

    Yours’, PED, is an excellent take. The world stage does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia. This recognition takes on even more importance in view of the egregious and recent horrendous behavior of Russia invading the Ukraine and attacking the Ukrainian people. Legitimately recognized nation states can’t just up-and-grab what they want and force their will onto other countries. Consequently, it seems appropriate and highly recommended that Apple send a message to the world and to Russia that its claim to the Crimea or to any Ukrainian land area is not recognized and condoned on the world stage. I do hope this message is communicated to Tim Cook.

    March 4, 2022

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