Please keep Tim Cook safe!

Woman allegedly emailed Cook photos of loaded pistol.

From "Apple CEO Tim Cook targeted by possibly armed stalker who came to his home and is still in the area, company alleges" posted Tuesday in the San Jose Mercury News:

Apple has been granted a restraining order against a Virginia woman it said has been stalking Apple CEO Tim Cook for more than a year, emailing him photos of a loaded pistol and trespassing at his home, according to court filings...

Cook first learned in late 2020 that he was the subject of the woman’s obsession because he receives alerts when he’s tagged on Twitter, the application said. The woman, using the last name “Cook,” claimed she was the Apple CEO’s wife and he was father to her twins.

She tweeted about the purported relationship a dozen times on Halloween 2020. Between late October and mid-November of that year, she emailed Cook some 200 times, the messages showing “a significant escalation in tone, becoming threatening and highly disturbing,” the application said. A series of missives contained photos of a snub-nosed revolver and cartridges. In an email expressing a desire for a sexual relationship with Cook, she said her patience was “almost done,” the application said.

The application names the subject of the restraining order as a 45-year-old woman from Virginia.

My take: Don't get me started on guns, mental health and the unfiltered Twitter.


  1. Gary Morton said:
    Total agreement with the headline.

    January 25, 2022

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